Once again I would like to thank you for the course you’ve delivered last week and for having given me personally some grounds, knowledge and tools to maintain my position in my daily talks to our legal group when bidding for a job we’re tasked to work on a customer-provided draft contract in an effort to tailor it to meet our internal standards and to align it with the commercial proposal we make. I would be pleased to continue on the training courses you offer in the future, please add my e-mail address to your distribution list. I’ve also circulated the word on your international legal English certificate course you’re planning to have in Almaty among my colleagues.
- Yevgeniy YEVGRAFOV, Parker Drilling Company International Limited, Kazakhstan

Let me begin by thanking you for the Contract Drafting course. It was extremely clear and useful, especially for a "civil law" user, given that our remedies are slightly different. What I appreciated the most were the lectures re representations, warranties, indemnities. I have already recommended my colleagues to also join this course.
- Alessandro Chiarenza, Malta. Jan 2018

I must say that I had a wonderful time at the training and I learnt a lot. Lawyers in Anglo-Saxon countries say that the English language is a tool of their trade,yet so many don't use it effectively. The training equipped me with the necessary skills to use English legal writing to communicate more effectively.
- Denis Nono, Supervisor legal affairs, Uganda Tax Authority

  From 1st January 2017 CLPD Points are now available from our on-line courses and lessons as well as live training events.
  All our on-line courses automatically carry 4 CLPD points but we can also provide 2 hour and 4 hour tailored on-line training
  events which will provide 2 and 4CLPD points, respectively.


On the 1st of October 2015, the Bylaw Concerning the Registration of Legal Consultants in the Emirate of Dubai came into effect adopting the “Rules and Procedures for Continuing Legal Professional Development Bylaw for Legal Consultants in the Emirate of Dubai”

For existing registered Legal Consultants,  Article 5 of the Bylaw requires that they must complete the Required CLPD in each Filing Period by obtaining a total of 16 CLPD Points and for new Legal Consultants the requirement is (24) CLPD Points as follows:

Newly registered Legal Consultants must obtain a minimum number of points in each 3 month period. as shown in the table below.

Duration until the end of the current Filing Period

       % of the Required CLPD

9-12 Months

100% of the Required CLPD

 6-9  Months

75%  of the Required CLPD

 3-6  Months

50%  of the Required CLPD

Less than 3 Months

25%  of the Required CLPD

 The points requirement is split into 2 parts:

1. Minimum of 8 Mandatory CLPD Activities; and

2. Minimum of 8 points obtained from Accredited CLPD Activities, selected by the Legal Consultant accredited training activities. 6 of these points may be from Accredited CLPD Activities, selected by the Legal Consultant from the activities accredited by the Department.

This is where we come in!

We have formed a partnership with the University of Dubai to run live CPD training events each month under the joint banners of our two organisations. The training will be held either at the University premises or the Legal Affairs Dep’t training building in Deira. The trainers will be supplied by the British legal centre. The first training event, an Anglo/US Contract Law masterclass will take place on the 29th February 2016. The Certificates of achievement will will carry the stamps and logos of both  the University and the British legal centre plus 2 CPD points from the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Dep't. 

You can find a list of our training events, including the CPD events, by following this link to our future seminars page: www.british-legal-centre.com/en/seminars_main.html

The training events carrying CPD points have the letters CPD, shown in red, so they can be quickly identified.

We also have the capability of constructing CPD training events which are tailored to the individual needs of niche Law Companies or Corporate Legal Departments and will be happy to advise on your training needs - You can call us on our Skype Number: 0044 208 144 6440 any time.

We are aware of the price that the providers of the Mandatory CPD points training are asking. We believe that our training events are of an equal or higher calibre but are more realistically priced for the Dubai legal training market. In particular, by registering as a CPD student with us, we can offer a discounted price on all the Non-Mandatory CPD training you study with us.

Corporate, Group and Early bird discounts are always available and we will be very happy to discuss any questions or issues you may have regarding the training scheme or the training events.