Once again I would like to thank you for the course you’ve delivered last week and for having given me personally some grounds, knowledge and tools to maintain my position in my daily talks to our legal group when bidding for a job we’re tasked to work on a customer-provided draft contract in an effort to tailor it to meet our internal standards and to align it with the commercial proposal we make. I would be pleased to continue on the training courses you offer in the future, please add my e-mail address to your distribution list. I’ve also circulated the word on your international legal English certificate course you’re planning to have in Almaty among my colleagues.
- Yevgeniy YEVGRAFOV, Parker Drilling Company International Limited, Kazakhstan

Excellent! I had a great, truly beneficial experience. I recommend Legal English courses even to native speakers! I've learnt here how to write better, more persuasive, using "tips & tricks" that no other school would teach! Thank you Mr. Brady.
- Ranete Ana Maria, lawyer in Bucharest, Romania

Let me begin by thanking you for the Contract Drafting course. It was extremely clear and useful, especially for a "civil law" user, given that our remedies are slightly different. What I appreciated the most were the lectures re representations, warranties, indemnities. I have already recommended my colleagues to also join this course.
- Alessandro Chiarenza, Malta. Jan 2018


Click here to see our brochure for all our Summer School training topics, trainers and venues (PDF-File, 2.7Mb).

The British Legal Centre Summer Schools are held in historic Limerick on the beautiful West Coast of Ireland. They deliver practical legal English courses and training, covering a wide range of legal skills, and law topics.

We unite students from all over the world in our residential schoolswith our our instructors who are qualified barristers and solicitors The courses combine intensive study and practical workshops to train lawyers  in legal English and the legal professional skills they will need in their future careers.

There are between 30 - 60 hours of lessons spread over either 1 or 2 weeks The trainers are all qualified UK lawyers who also hold teaching qualifications. The courses include a full program of events and visits so that the first part of the day is spent studying, and then the afternoons and evenings are spent relaxing, shopping, and just being tourists.


We will hold a wide range of different one-week  residential courses in  July and August 2018, in Limerick. These include General legal English courses, such as the Contract Drafting course,  General legal English course, and a Legal writing course. Details of all 3 are below.
We will also hold a series of  more specialised training courses: M&A, IP Law and practice, FIDIC Construction contract law, CIArb Arbitration Law and Practice, etc. Ask us for an e-brochure by contacting us at: info@british-legal-centre.com 

Holding the courses in Ireland has many advantages over similar legal summer schools run in the UK, not least that the Irish visa regime is easier, and much cheape,r than the UK  – We have never heard of a visa application being refused.

The overall cost of attending a course is around 50% lower than for an equivalent course in the UK. An Irish student visa costs just Euro 60 - (In the UK, the visa costs Euro 410). Everyone in Ireland speaks English as a first language. Accommodation is less than half the price of the UK. We have a truly varied program of events at the end of each training day: Horse-racing at Limerick racecourse, trips around historic Limerick and Blarney Castle – (where you can kiss the Blarney Stone), even a day trip to cosmopolitan Dublin for shopping and more sight-seeing at the end of the course. 

The Contract Drafting course - This is a one week master-class of commercial contract drafting, intended for lawyers who are already, or intend to, practice in this area of law. The training covers with the meaning, use and wording of both the most frequently used,  and also specialised, clauses of commercial contracts. The course covers  which clauses to use and how to use them in combination to achieve the desired results.

The Course covers:
Contract law and vocabulary
, together with a full review of Contract remedies. 
The meaning and 
use of Warranties, Covenants, Representations, Indemnities and Guarantees.
Liquidated Damages clauses.
Exclusion clauses and their limitations.
Boilerplate clauses.
Protect, Defend and Hold harmless clauses.
SAAS Contract terms.

The Course involves:
Listening, writing, speaking exercises, 
plus a free Glossary with vocabulary definitions. 
Use of authentic contracts. 
Essential contract Law. 
The Language of contract formation. 
Contract negotiation.
Best Contract drafting practices. 


The General law and legal English course - The General law and legal English summer school is an intensive course designed to equip the participants with a strong knowledge of legal vocabulary and to improve their general legal writing ability. The  course involves different writing techniques for different styles of legal documents,  court arguments, client correspondence, and contract drafting, including legal vocabulary and  relevant law.

The course covers the essential principles of  Anglo/US contract law with the meanings and use of technical legal English vocabulary.

This is a great opportunity for lawyers and law students to improve their spoken and written legal English ability, learn essential skills, such as Contract drafting, writing court texts, negotiation and public speaking skills, and learn essential Commercial and Contract law principles.

The Course includes:

Listening, writing, speaking exercises, plus a free Glossary with vocabulary definitions. 
Use of authentic legal documents.
Essential Contract Law.
Essential Company and Corporate Law.
Legal writing skills.
Public speaking skills.
Negotiation skills.
Arbitration Law and practice.
Persuasive writing skills. 

The General Legal English
 Course - TOLES
The 5 and 10 day TOLES courses prepare the participants for work as lawyers in commercial law offices where English is the working language. The full course contains 30 hours of legal English lessons, and study tasks involving international legal  research to cement the participants’ ability to practice International law. The courses finishes on the day before the day of the TOLES Exam which we administer. Successful participants will receive the TOLES certificate, direct from TOLES, by mail 6 weeks after the exam. The British legal centre  will also award their own Certificate to all particiants on the last day of the course. (The BLC Certificate will carry 4 LCPD points for participants from the UAE). 
You can read all about TOLES by following this link: www.toleslegal.com/

Course includes: 

Genuine legal documents.
30 hours of speaking, reading, writing and listening exercises.
Real case studies to practice the law and vocabulary learnt.
Full TOLES exam preparation with sample   tasks, exam advice and trial exam.

The right group for your ability!

We know that Legal English is not easy, and that students have different levels of    English language ability. We have 3 different ability levels for the groups. Check your level, for free, to ensure you choose the group most appropriate for you. This ensures that you get the maximum benefit from the course. Take the free test to on this website to check your level at:  


Level 1. Score below 20% Basic– Suitable for students who know a few words but cannot hold a conversation. This course deals with law and legal vocabulary as well teaching general conversational English.

Level 2. Score 21% – 50% Intermediate – Suitable for those who can speak English with grammar and vocabulary mistakes. These courses deal with law and legal vocabulary plus eliminating the grammar and vocabulary mistakes.

Level 3. Score 51 % and above - Upper Intermediate and Advanced –  Suitable for students who have a strong command of English. These courses concentrate on Law, legal skills, vocabulary  and advanced legal writing techniques for contracts and litigation. 

Our trainers:

All our trainers for the Summer Schools are qualified UK lawyers, with experience of legal practice, who also hold teaching qualifications to teach English as a second language. You can find their details on our web-site at: 

We also have highly qualified international lawyers available for specialised tailored training, such as FIDIC Contracts, ICSIDA Arbitration, Judicial writing.       

We draw upon the UK Bar to provide the trainers. This allows us to provide trainers with an outstanding level of legalknowledge, and ability, coupled with impeccable English language grammar and speaking skills.


Your stay in Limerick:

Historic Limerick, located on the river Shannon and dominated by its ancient medieval castle, is a vibrant city  with pubs filled with lively locals and students, all eager for another Guinness. 

Home of Munster Rugby and in the heart of the Irish horse-racing industry, this ancient city near the beautiful West coast is real Ireland.

Your stay will include a visit to the evening horse-race meeting at the City’s race-course, a guided visit around the ancient castle, several parties during the week at local pubs and a
shopping/sight-seeing visit to Dublin.



When you come to our Summer Schools, you are our guests and we want you to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and enjoyable activities during what may be your first visit to Ireland.

We can arrange to collect you at the airport - help you with tourist information, and draw upon our experience and knowledge to help you get the most out of your stay.

We can arrange your accommodation, either with host families, or in apartments, even in country cottages if you prefer.

Our aim is not only to teach and train you, but also to make sure that you experience the culture and life of Limerick and the surrounding countryside to make sure you enjoy your time during your stay.


Typical daily schedule:

We know our Residential schools will improve your legal knowledge, legal 
vocabulary and legal skills.
It’s important for us, also, that enjoy your stay 
 in the host Country so we stop the classes at 15:00  each day. This will allow you to   relax  and become tourists.

Here is a typical day’s schedule:

—09:00 – 11:00   Plain legal English writing techniques Part 1- (Writing in the active voice, writing with verbs, avoiding the passive voice) Presentation + exercises
—11:00 – 11:20   Coffee break 
—11:20 -12:15   Plain legal English writing techniques Part 2- (Parallel grammar constructions  –  making the text easier to understand by using repeated grammatical constructions in a series of sentences) Presentation + exercises
—12:15 – 13:00   Writing in the Positive – (Making the message easier to write and understand by stating what must be done)  Presentation + exercises
—13:00 – 14:00   Lunch break
—14:00 – 15:00  Brevity, concision and accuracy – (Avoiding duplication of words and ideas in sentences and texts, combining shorter sentences to improve the flow of ideas) Presentation + exercises

      15:00 – Finish for the day

    15:00 - Free for the rest of the day and evening!


Cost: US$ 850.00 per course.

The cost of attendance at all the courses, is the same: US$ 850.00 per week. Participants are responsible for their own flight and transport costs and for the cost of their accomodation. Group discounts, and early-bird discounts, are available. We also offer discounts for participants booking a 2nd week on a different course, and we encourage everyone to take the Arbitration Law and Practice course after their first course. Group discounts of 20% are available for bookings of 2 or more participants. Early-bird discounts for booking and payment of a 20% reservation fee at least 2 months before the course.

Contact Us:

We can give you friendly, no pressure, advice and information on accommodation, dates, course topics, and which course is most suitable: Call us free on our Skype telephone number : 0044 280 144 6440


Or, write to us at: info@british-legal-centre.com


Call us - we will always be happy to talk to you.