I must say that I had a wonderful time at the training and I learnt a lot. Lawyers in Anglo-Saxon countries say that the English language is a tool of their trade,yet so many don't use it effectively. The training equipped me with the necessary skills to use English legal writing to communicate more effectively.
- Denis Nono, Supervisor legal affairs, Uganda Tax Authority

For sure, everybody enjoyed the training. It was very nice to hear a native speaker, specially one with such high legal drafting techniques
- Wagner Osti Pedro, Embraco, Joinville, Brazil

Excellent course. I recommend the training 'Contract Drafting and Legal Writing'. It gave to me the chance to understand the need of Plain Legal English in contracts as a way to mitigate ambiguity or misinterpretation of a clause. Also the training clarified the context in which Anglo-Saxon Legal System is inserted, since the Brazilian Legal System is in a different one.
- Rafael Mechi Nunes, Sr. Contract Lawyer, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Regulations and requirements imposed by Sarbanes-Oxley, US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Anti-Bribery Act)
The course provides a full examination of the requirements imposed on directors and company officers, including both the Duty of care and the Fiduciary duty to which they are subject.           
The course also takes an in-depth look at the changed regulatory and reporting systems imposed on Companies, Directors and Officers over the last few years, including the measures that must be taken to avoid prosecution for permitting corruption to take place.
Participants will gain an understanding of both the principles and the essential rules and requirements of the different legislation now in place, to develop and impose effective, compliant anti-corruption over-sight systems. 
The course will be delivered, over a very full schedule, by experienced lawyers used to the multicultural, international flavour of modern international business. We will cover not only the practical knowledge needed by lawyers working in international commerce but will also simulate an international bidding scenario and include numerous examples of formerly accepted practices which are now out-lawed. This will involve simulated strategy meetings, as well as policy development in teams led by the trainers. There will be numerous breakout sessions, for the participants to work through the material in the presentations. All of this will require full input from the participants to ensure they gain sufficient understanding of the cultural, practical and legal issues involved to be able to advise on Corporate governance in the future. Directors' Fiduciary Duties and the duties owed by managers and shareholders to the company and to each other are also covered in the packed schedule.


Learn the practical knowledge to be able to advise Directors and Corporate Officers on their duties and responsibilities to the company and share-holders. The participants will also gain knowledge on anti-corruption legislative requirements and avoidance systems. The training will include:

•          Directors' Duties

•          Managers' Duties

•          Share-holders' duties in close corporations

•          Anti-corruption legislation

•          Relevant sections of the UK Companies Act 2006 

•          Establishment of oversight committees

•          Share-holders' Derivative court actions

•          Network and Interact with speakers and attendees to share experiences and learn about opportunities



•           Legal directors and corporate counsel from companies involved in international commercial arbitration;

•          Directors and Managers; 

•          Practicing lawyers; 

•          Legal practitioners advising international trading companies; 

•          Business people involved in international trade and dispute resolution. 



Richard Brady an International English teacher and qualified British lawyer.

A Certificate of Achievement will be issued at the end of the seminar.


Email: info@british-legal-centre.com 

Telephone: (Skype) +44 208 144 6440


Legal English International Commercial Arbitration seminar