Contract Law Course

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June 30, 2018


The “Contract Law” course covers the law of contract  and the vocabulary needed by lawyers working in this area of law. The course uses video-conference technology to deliver brief online speaking, reading and listening exercises and tasks. The exercises following each lesson include a variety of different multiple choice tasks. These are designed to help participants understand and learn the correct use of the vocabulary through its use in simulated work scenarios that occur in the daily working lives of lawyers in practice. All of your results are retained in our on-line archive which the participants and their employers can visit to check the rate of improvement.


  • 15 Live video-conferencing lessons
  • On-line exercises to test reading ability
  • On-line exercises to test listening ability
  • On-line exercises to test writing ability
  • On-line exercises and live discussions to test speaking ability
  • On-line exercises and live discussions to teach the law of Contract
  • full vocabulary guide of essential words and phrases together with their legal meaning
  • authentic contracts and documentation
  • practice in writing and preparing genuine commercial contracts
  • the essential law of Contract
  • contract terminology and vocabulary
  • a course certificate, following satisfactory performance during the course from the Trainer and British Legal Centre
  • individual feedback to each participant following the end of course exam
  • 25% Discount on the price of attendance at British Legal Centre’s Summer Schools


The course contains the full vocabulary of commercial contracts, documents and agreements together with a full overview of the Law of Contract.
  1. An Introduction to Contract Law through its history and development. A contract’s basis. Contractual Obligations – Contract negotiation
  2. The Agreement, Estoppel, Misrepresentation, Mistake, Undue Influence, the requirements and construction of a contract.
  3. Offer and Acceptance – The wording of contracts, notification of acceptance, counter-offers
  4. Valuable consideration – what can and cannot be given, paid, transferred.
  5. The intention to create a contract, capacity to create a contract, the certainty of the contract’s subject matter
  6. Illegal contracts and contracts which are in restraint of trade, contrary to public policy, impossible, mistaken or mis-understood
  7. Privity of Contract, exceptions, the rights of third-parties, avoidance of contracts, void contracts, Tort. Bailees
  8. Contract wording, express and implied terms. The Sale of Goods Act in UK, The Uniform Commercial Code in US.
  9. Exclusion clauses, limitations and exceptions
  10. Changes to existing contracts, frustration and delay, contracts for the carriage of goods, mitigation of damage and financial loss, existing duties
  11. Performance of the contract, Part performance, Quantun Meruit, Substantial performance, Anticipatory breach
  12. Termination of Contracts, frustration, breach, breach of warranties, conditions, infringement of terms
  13. Remedies for Breach of contract, Damages, Liquidated Damages, Specific performance, Punitive damages.
  14. Contracts required to be in writing, special exceptions, E contracts, shrink wrap contracts
  15. Final Course exam followed by individual feedback to each participant


A 15-unit, video-conferencing, interactive course which deals with the essential Legal English words and phrases lawyers need to work effectively in the area of contract law. This includes the legal principles of contract law and deals with breaches, remedies, estoppel, part-performance, restraint of trade, guaranties, indemnities, warranties, conditions and other essencial contract law.


The course is provided by 15 lessons of 45 minutes duration with a further 15 -20 hours of online interactive self-study and also includes the option of a further 3.75 hours of private instruction by a B L C lawyer-linguist instructor who is assigned as your personal tutor. This private instruction is delivered by a weekly 15 minute video-conference using our advanced technology. These calls are scheduled at times convenient for you, to train speaking as well as legal understanding of technical terms and also to deal with specific writing exercises through which the learner practicies legal drafting skills. Students can study at their own pace and, although it is recommended that participants limit their study to one unit per week, a faster pace of study is available to those who feel capable of covering more than one unit a week. As some of the other students will almost certainly be in other cities, and even different Countries, we try to agree a mutually convenient time for all the students in the group. We are happy to time the lessons for the weekends or public holidays if this is what the students want.


Access to archive of recorded lessons
On-line exercises and presentations


Richard Brady