Legal English Course

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June 26, 2018


Improve your professional skill and reputation at the same time!

No matter how much law you know, or how effectively you practice law, others will judge you by your ability to practice law using the English language. It's not fair and it's not logical, but it's true. Lawyers and clients will view your professional ability from your ability to write and speak professional legal English - The language of the lawyers that is a world away from ordinary conversational English. This course will help you overcome this probelm and expand yur knowledge of Contract, Commercial and Company Law at the same time.
The Legal English course is a 15-hour course divided into 15 one-hour lessons, designed to improve the legal vocabulary, legal knowledge and essential skills of written and spoken communication with clients and courts. The course will equip you with the skills and confidence to practice internationally using the English and to network confidently in a wide range of business and social situations.

The course uses the topics of Company Law, Contract Law, Banking and Finance Law, Intellectual Property Law and the Law of Debts and Secured transactions as the topics for each lesson. This enables us to cover the legal ideas and vocabulary of each area of law step-by-step, one topic at a time.

The course is designed for lawyers and law students wishing to grow and polish their legal English skills to allow them to understand and explain legal ideas and concepts in written texts, and meetings for the courtroom, the office, and networking opportunities.

At the end of the Legal English course participants will be able to:
• communicate legal concepts and information confidently and easilly
• use legal vocabulary more accurately, concisely and effectively
• write precise legal texts
• participate easilly in meetings, telephone calls, conferences, and negotiations
• Use legal English in conversations and speeches confident in their ability and knowledge


- interactive listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises
- vocabulary quizzes
- glossary with definitions
- authentic contracts
- language of contract formation
- contract drafting practice 
- The essential legal doctirnes of Company Law, Contract Law, Banking and Finance Law, Intellectual Property Law and the Law of Debts and Secured transactions including terminology and vocabulary course certificate upon completion


Course Contents:

The legal English course focuses on developing your English skills in a legal context, and the vocabulary of aspects of civil law, relating to Company Law, Contract law, Intellectual Property Law, Securities and Lending Law.

Topics in the lessons include:

·         Legal vocabulary – relating to commercial law, contract law, describing legal concepts

·         Grammar development

·         Listening comprehension

·         Communication skills – discussions, negotiations, legal writing, e-mails

·         Contract Drafting skills and techniques

·         Law of Company formation, mergers, management and funding

·         Contract formation, assignment and remedies for breach

·         Law of Lending, Securities and Debts

·         Intellectual Property Law



The course is covered in 15 lessons of 75 minutes duration with a further 15 -20 hours of online interactive self-study with a B L C lawyer-linguist instructor who is assigned as your personal tutor. Broadacst at the rate of 2 lessons each week over the 8 weeks of the course


On-line textbook, genuine documents and official forms. Access to the archive library of past lessons enabling participants to review progress and revise past course topics.


Richard Brady


The Legal English course covers both the law and legal vocabulary relating to Contract and Commercial topics, plus IP Law, and Banking and Finance topics