Once again I would like to thank you for the course you’ve delivered last week and for having given me personally some grounds, knowledge and tools to maintain my position in my daily talks to our legal group when bidding for a job we’re tasked to work on a customer-provided draft contract in an effort to tailor it to meet our internal standards and to align it with the commercial proposal we make. I would be pleased to continue on the training courses you offer in the future, please add my e-mail address to your distribution list. I’ve also circulated the word on your international legal English certificate course you’re planning to have in Almaty among my colleagues.
- Yevgeniy YEVGRAFOV, Parker Drilling Company International Limited, Kazakhstan

Let me begin by thanking you for the Contract Drafting course. It was extremely clear and useful, especially for a "civil law" user, given that our remedies are slightly different. What I appreciated the most were the lectures re representations, warranties, indemnities. I have already recommended my colleagues to also join this course.
- Alessandro Chiarenza, Malta. Jan 2018

I must say that I had a wonderful time at the training and I learnt a lot. Lawyers in Anglo-Saxon countries say that the English language is a tool of their trade,yet so many don't use it effectively. The training equipped me with the necessary skills to use English legal writing to communicate more effectively.
- Denis Nono, Supervisor legal affairs, Uganda Tax Authority


Legal English Online

Enhance your lawyer career -
improve your Legal English.
Order a free trial lesson with a
professional Legal English teacher.
Order free Legal English lesson
Learning Legal English online is a simple, flexible and effective way of learning essential Legal vocabulary. By attending Legal English School and participating in varied and informative English exercises, law professionals can learn Legal English at their own pace in a comfortable environment. The online school is the best solution for this.

Any misgivings that learning Legal English online results in a less rigorous knowledge and understanding of Legal English vocabulary should be immediately disregarded. Learning Legal English online is a highly flexible and modern approach. Taking online classes at a Legal English school does not mean that the standard of Legal English vocabulary learnt is lower than any other course or school. The challenging Legal English school exercises have to be undertaken and result in an exceptional understanding of Legal English vocabulary by participants that will be of huge benefit to any international law firm.

Although knowledge of the language is a valuable skill in itself, without knowledge of Legal English vocabulary professional lawyers will be unable to understand the terminology and phrasing as Legal English is very different to the traditional English language. It could even be described as a “language within a language” and thus is an entirely separate skill for a professional lawyer to acquire.

A knowledge and understanding of Legal English vocabulary is therefore something that every professional working within a law firm must have. Many law firms now have offices throughout the European Union and there is a greater need for law professionals with a working knowledge of different legal terminology. Therefore learning Legal English online will ensure that a law professional is a huge asset to any international law firm.

It goes without saying that British barristers are experts in law terminology and anyone learning at a Legal English school with British barristers can expect to finish the course with a thorough knowledge and understanding of Legal English.

As the above demonstrates, Legal English is an invaluable skill for professionals to acquire.  Learning Legal English online with British barristers is a fantastic way to ensure a thorough knowledge and understanding of Legal English vocabulary which will result in the course participant being a real asset to any international law company.

Legal English School

To learn all the aspects of lawyers’ language you need to attend a special Legal English school. It does not have to be a Law School. You can learn English for lawyers at a standard language school by taking a special Legal English course. But not all lawyers have enough time to attend classes at a Legal English school. Moreover, it may be that there is no professional Legal English school in your region. So an online Legal English school is a great opportunity to save both your time and your money. No need to spend time getting to school or adjusting your day schedule to fit the school schedule. Legal English online brings a professional Legal English School with British barristers right at your home. 

The legal English School courses available within the teaching programme of the British Legal Center are

Contract Law
Land and Mortgage

Intellectual Property
Company and Corporate Law
Contract and Legal Document Drafting

Cambridge University Legal English Certificate (ILEC)
Oil and Gas Law and vocabulary 
Corporate and Company Law and English 

If you would like to take a coure relating to another field of Law you can order it at British Legal center and we will prepare  an individual Legal English Course especially for you. Our legal English courses are recognised by leading universities and major international law companies.

If you have further questions on how our Legal English School opperates please study our FAQ or  email us or call us on +44 208 144 6440 and we will answer all your questions.

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