I must say that I had a wonderful time at the training and I learnt a lot. Lawyers in Anglo-Saxon countries say that the English language is a tool of their trade,yet so many don't use it effectively. The training equipped me with the necessary skills to use English legal writing to communicate more effectively.
- Denis Nono, Supervisor legal affairs, Uganda Tax Authority

For sure, everybody enjoyed the training. It was very nice to hear a native speaker, specially one with such high legal drafting techniques
- Wagner Osti Pedro, Embraco, Joinville, Brazil

Excellent course. I recommend the training 'Contract Drafting and Legal Writing'. It gave to me the chance to understand the need of Plain Legal English in contracts as a way to mitigate ambiguity or misinterpretation of a clause. Also the training clarified the context in which Anglo-Saxon Legal System is inserted, since the Brazilian Legal System is in a different one.
- Rafael Mechi Nunes, Sr. Contract Lawyer, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Joel Bryant

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Joel Bryant is a California-licensed attorney and holds a post-doctoral law degree (LL.M.) in taxation and estate planning. He earned his Baccalaureate degree in Classical Studies from Brandeis University in Massachusetts, with an emphasis on comparative and historical linguistics, in which capacity he studied Ancient Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, and Mandarin Chinese (the latter two languages at nearby Harvard University).

Prior to entering the legal practice, he was a Federal Investigator for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. As a practicing attorney, he specialized in employment law and tax-advantaged estate-planning for wealth preservation and asset protection. He now dedicates his experience to teaching and coaching professionals and educators for whom English is a second language. He holds a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) through Cambridge University, and has taught and trained in the United States, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Poland.

His offerings in American legal English include American legal systems, Contracts, Property, Wills & Trusts, Torts, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, contract-drafting and legal writing, negotiations, and presentations — all, of course, following American professional standards. He also offers courses in academic writing, and English for the fields of construction, mechanical engineering, and hospitality. 

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