Fabriano, Italy

Fabriano, Italy

YM_logo_ItalyYM LANGUAGE SERVICES is a company located in Italy which offers professional, high-quality language courses as well as translation and interpreting services.

They offer a wide range of language courses (general English and business English, French, Italian and German) both private and in mini-groups, both onsite and online.
Their courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals and companies operating in international markets and provide tailor-made solutions for students to broaden their vocabulary and improve their confidence in oral expression.

They also provide interpreting services (liaison/community, consecutive, whispered/chuchotage and simultaneous interpreting) during meetings, seminars and conferences, both in Italy and abroad. 
They translate various types of legal, technical and commercial documents and translate and localise websites. They provide language services in English, French and Italian in their different language combinations.

Website: www.ym-language-services.com

Ylenia Marcucci_ItalyOUR PARTNER - Ylenia Marcucci Faure

The owner of YM LANGUAGE SERVICES, Ylenia Marcucci Faure, has dual Italian and French citizenship. Ylenia is an Italian native speaker, perfectly fluent in English and French and with a good knowledge of German.

She graduated in Conference Interpreting (MA) and in Translation and Interpreting (BA), after having studied at the Department of Interpretation and Translation (DIT, formerly SSLMIT) in Forlì - University of Bologna (Italy) and at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting (FTI, formerly ETI) - University of Geneva (Switzerland).  Ylenia also completed a course in Conference Interpreting at the Institute of Translation and Interpreting - University of Westminster (London, UK).

For academic and professional reasons, she lived abroad for more than ten years, thus having the opportunity to significantly improve the language skills she had already acquired during her university studies.
For over fifteen years she has been working as a translator, interpreter, and language teacher and has worked as a translator and interpreter with important companies, agencies, foundations and consulting firms both in Italy and abroad. Her most prestigious assignments included participation in several major UNESCO projects.

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We are proud to have teamed up with the British Legal Centre as their business partner for the Italian market. Thanks to this newly formed partnership, we can now offer onsite legal courses in Italy alongside online legal courses already provided by the British Legal Centre, which are available on this website.

For more information about onsite legal courses in Italy please contact us at info@ym-language-services.com


In this period of lockdown, we have been providing all of our language courses online and all of our students have enjoyed this course modality. Technology is a valuable tool and in this period it has been indispensable. Many of our students have also enjoyed the opportunity to follow the Free General Legal English Course provided by the British Legal Centre: some of them have followed the live lessons and many others have been watching the recordings which are available on the British Legal Centre YouTube channel.

This confirms the fact that a large number of students have been successfully using the lockdown period to improve their language skills and specific knowledge.


All courses, both onsite and online, provided by the British Legal Centre are delivered in English, therefore a good knowledge of this language is required.

Remember that you can test your knowledge of general and legal English on this website.  If you feel that you need to improve your English language skills before enrolling on a legal course, we will be more than happy to help you revise and consolidate your grammar knowledge, expand your vocabulary and improve your listening skills.

For additional information about our general and business English courses please contact us at info@ym-language-services.com or visit our website www.ym-language-services.com


We have been providing translation and interpreting services for companies and organisations for over 15 years. Our fields of specialisation include legal texts such as contracts, company documents, notary deeds, business and corporate documents, financial and accounting documents, proceedings, written declarations, certificates, and diplomas. We also provide sworn, certified and legalised translations.

Should you need to translate a legal document from or into English, French or Italian you can contact us for a free and detailed quote. Inquiries can be sent at info@ym-language-services.com