Legal English Online – FAQ


  1. How do I access the lessons?
    After ordering and paying for the course you will receive an email with login details. Log into your student profile and simply join the lesson.
  2. What ecquipment do I need for taking online Legal English courses learning?
    You will need a PC, a camera and a headset.
  3. Do I need to install any special programmes on my computer?
    You do not need to install any programmes on your computer. Before the lesson check the browser and Adobe Flash Player for updates so that you have the latest version.
  4. How do I access the lesson if the Internet connection breaks?
    Just log into your student profile and click the same link that you used previously.
  5. Do I get any certificate after the course finishes?
    All successful participants will receive a signed Certificate of Achievement from the British Legal Centre – giving details of the course studied.
    Click here to view a sample Certificate.
    Successful participation on a course requires the participant to have viewed or participated in all the lessons and to achieve a score of 60% in the course exit test.
  6. Can I continue learning Legal English at some university with a certificate you provide?
    British Legal Centre training and courses concentrate on short practical courses of commercial law, legal vocabulary and legal practice and are not presently accepted as proof of general English language ability by UK Universities.
  7. What materials are used on the lessons: textbooks, workbooks, CDs, video files?
    Some courses have their own dedicated textbook and CD’s, e g ILEC. Our other courses have on-line course books written especially for that course. All courses include video files and workbooks.
  8. How many people are there in a group?
    The groups differ in size from one person only, up to a maximum of 8 participants. We believe that having more than 8 in a group prevents each participant receiving sufficient attention and speaking time to progress their English or legal knowledge.
  9. What is the lesson duration?
    Different courses have lessons of different length. Most courses have lessons of 60 minutes although some intensive courses to develop writing and drafting skills last for 45 minutes each and the ’I,000 Legal English words and phrases’ lasts just 10 minutes a day, for 8 months.
  10. What if I missed the lesson?
    No problem. Our archive facility allows us to record the lesson and the participants who were present, for you to view at a later date at a time and day when it's convenient for you. You can then catch up with the rest of the group and see the work covered.
  11. What are the knowledge control procedures?
    All courses are written either by lawyers or Lawyer/Linguists and then checked by a different Lawyer or Lawyer/Linguist for accuracy and content. All the work undertaken in the lesson, or provided later, by the course participants is stored in our archive facility. The archive can be visited either by a student to view their own work or, with the student’s permission, their employer to check results and progress. We are registered with and monitored by several distance learning regulatory bodies to ensure that our Data Protection systems are fully operative and compliant with their Data protection requirements. All Data received by us is treated as confidential and we do not share information or data with any other bodies except as required by U K Law.
  12. We are frequently asked: ‘What is the difference between Legal English Course and Legal Writing Course'?
    Please, watch our short 5 minute video, which explains the difference between these two courses.


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