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English for Lawyers

Due to the rapid expansion of international relations it has become extremely important to provide various intellectual services not only in Russian but in the English language also. This applies to law firms that have to provide consultancy services not only to Russian-speaking customers, but to English-speakers as well. Therefore, the experts in law firms have to understand and speak English for lawyers at upper intermediate level at least.

Unlike conversational language, English for lawyers has its own characteristics that are hard to understand, even for a professional lawyer who already speaks simple English in everyday life. English for lawyers has specific terminology that makes it a “language within a language”. So, in order to communicate with English-speaking customers or consult them in the field of international law, the practitioner must learn the terminology of English for lawyers.  Acting professionally is impossible without this knowledge.

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The study of the terminology of English for lawyers online has become the best choice for those lawyers and law firms that are determined to succeed in this field and profession.

The advantages of this modern method are obvious.

Firstly the opportunity to learn English for lawyers online means you will be studying at a convenient time of day and in a place convenient for you.

Secondly, while learning English for lawyers, you are communicating with British lawyers who are fluent in all the subtleties of legal terminology and the specifics of English for lawyers. Also, thanks to online training with British practitioners, you will be able to understand even the most complicated legal documents written in English.

A further benefit to think about is that English for lawyers online gives the same level of training and linguistic education as regular full-time courses! Therefore a lawyer who successfully completes Legal English courses online will be well-oriented in all legal terms; will be able to translate complicated legal documents, contracts or any type of additional important notes and will be able provide professional consulting service.

Furthermore, the English for lawyers online courses suggest targeting specific areas of law. Naturally it also gives you an opportunity to explore and to learn the areas of law you are working in.

Specialists who are very good at English for lawyers and who know the terminology will be able to understand complicated issues in international Legal English and law law and they will always be welcomed as employees for any international company!

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