Legal English teachers: practicing British lawyers


Richard Brady

Richard Brady qualified as a lawyer in 1976 and re-qualified in Banking and Insurance in 1997 following his experience of running an insurance company in the Middle East. He then spent 6 years working in the City of London as a financial adviser. Richard qualified as a teacher of English as a foreign language in 2003. For the last 10 years he has been teaching legal English, law and practical legal skills to lawyers in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Gulf and has trained the lawyers of many of the major law companies in these regions. Richard is the head of the British Legal Centre.

Dr. Philippe P. Moutot

Head of Banking and Finance training

One of the world’s most influential banking figures, the Senior Economist and Principal advisor on monetary policy strategy for the European Central Bank, and other central banks.  Dr. Moutot created and led the team to study, propose and negotiate monetary policy to create and introduce the Euro for the European Central Bank. He was the principal negotiator of the Maastricht Treaty sections that initiated and implemented the process for creation of the Euro and the European Central Bank. 

Philippe matches deep research to his knowledge and forecasting of current outlooks to direct experience of policy-making for central banks.  He has recently been concentrating on the consequences of the current technological revolution to identify new policies and assess major risks for Central banks and the banking sector in general.

Rosalyn Sheehy

Rosalyn Sheehy is a Solicitor and an experienced international lawyer with legal experience in magic circle firms in Cayman Islands, Dubai, London and Dublin. Rosalyn is experienced in the area of mutual funds, off-shore company formation and commercial property transactions.

Marjorie Sudrow

Marjorie, graduated with (Moot Court) Honors from St. John’s University School of Law in New York.  She is a corporate law attorney, specializing in international business with a focus on technology startups.  She got her start during the internet boom in the late 90’s at Hewlett Packard where she negotiated complex deals with technology companies.  After moving to Paris in 2003, she headed Stellatek Solutions an international consulting firm.  Marjorie commuted to the middle east and north Africa for many years working with American and European businesses who were seeking to expand abroad.  After five years of globe-trotting, the financial crisis offered her a new opportunity, a teaching position at ESLCA’s Paris MBA program. Marjorie taught students from all over the world and launched ESLSCA’s first Entrepreneurship program.  Later in 2013, she moved to Frankfurt to join her husband and began teaching at the Frankfurt University School of Applied Sciences school of law and business.  She currently teaches courses on International Business Law, Start-up Law, Comparative Contracts and European Integration in both the International Business and LLM programs.  

Andrew Broadhead

Andrew, Corporate Governance Expert, has spent more than 30 years as an international trainer, advisor and practitioner.

He has worked with hundreds of global and local organisations, including FTSE Top 10 companies and the UK Central Government. He has a real-world depth and breadth of experience is a variety of sectors including Central Government and Public Sector, oil and gas, metals and mining, utilities, agriculture, big pharma, financial services, logistics and manufacturing.

Christopher Southam

Christopher is our Head of Asia for the British Legal Centre (Asia).  He was a partner in a law firm in London for many years.  With a keen interest in business development, Christopher developed sophisticated BD and networking skills, resulting in a rapid increase in his client base.  Christopher has taught these, and many other,  skills to both lawyers and managers over many years.

George Wilson

George Wilson is a law graduate and language specialist with several years’ experience in mainland Europe and Asia. Fluent in Spanish as well as his native English, he has extensive experience in classroom, online, residential and one-to-one teaching environments. TEFL qualified, George has graduated from school and academy based learning to operating principally in the corporate and business sector.