Legal English Online – Services provided


British Legal Centre Services include:

Makes use of new technology to connect our students with their instructors using the most advanced multi-screen video conferencing technology presently available anywhere in the world. By carefully tailoring course design, instructional techniques, methods of communication, organization and administration we are able to train lawyers worldwide even though the instructor and learner are separated by time and/or distance. View the list of Legal English Courses available.

Our courses can be specially tailored to cover the most intricate and technical areas of law and practice which our students need to learn. All courses are written and taught by working lawyers specializing in the areas of law and practice which they are teaching or training. All our teachers are practicing UK Solicitors or Barristers and, as busy lawyers themselves, they know the type of problems and questions which other working lawyers face on a daily basis from their clients and are able to advise on practical solutions which they have used in the past. 

You can register and test your grammatical and basic legal English ability for free through inter-active online tests to assess your general ability to, read, write,and understand legal English vocabulary and phrases. The tests can be used to assess whether a student is ready to join one of our specialist Law courses.

We are in contact with a network of the Barrister’s offices of over 300 UK based Barristers, including some of the leading commercial lawyers in the UK. We are able to arrange for them to provide you with detailed advice on complex issues of company and commercial law. You can discuss the case through our video-conferencing system to receive their views and advice on virtually any matter involving UK commercial or practice.

We provide Legal Drafting services, together with the necessary accompanying Legal advice – undertaken by the commercial barristers who write our courses and train in our seminars and lessons. Our Lawyer Linguists also provide Legal editing and proofreading services and we are able to arrange not only for legal documents to be drafted for you but also for UK lawyers to give detailed advice on complex issues of company and commercial law. We can provide you with all the necessary documents, in perfect Legal English, as well as providing you the advice needed, for you to guide your clients through the most complex of matters. We can help you to advise clients and draft documents, including complex letters of advice on difficult areas of law. We can guide you through virtually any commercial matter involving UK Company or Commercial Law

Our residential Spring, Summer and Autumn Schools are based on the principle of bringing leading British lawyers to teach/train the students who cannot, for a variety of reasons, attend courses in the UK. Our Barristers fly from the UK, stay in the same hotel as the students, and provide a wide variety courses, practical legal skills and knowledge to course participants. No need for students to worry about visas, flights, long periods away from the office etc.