Nouakchott, Mauritania

Nouakchott, Mauritania

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The Mauritania Language Centre provides English language teaching and training for all levels is the only language centre in Mauritania which provides legal English lessons and legal soft skill training in partnership with the British legal centre. The centre provides teaching and training for students of English, French, or Arabic. All the BLC recorded lessons, courses, and training are available through the Centre which also hosts live intensive training events, with visiting BLC lawyers acting as lead trainers.



Mr. Mohamed Yahya Aroumay
Address: Rue 42 -111 Kennedy avenue, Mamy building 2nd floor, flate 26 Nouakchott -Mauritania.
Telephones: +222 45 25 03 55 / +222 25 06 12 45
Mobiles: +222 36 18 83 65 / +222 43 18 83 65

News, Featured Courses and Events

Legal English – Beginner’s level

Legal English – Beginner’s level Pt 1 starting 28th January 2019.

Our new, unique course of legal English for beginners of English language study will start on 28th January 2019. The course will take beginners and elementary level English speakers up to Intermediate level, where they will be able to use English in their working lives of writing e-mails, reports and basic document drafting. The full course requires 120 hours of lessons and so we will split the course into 3 parts. Each part will last for 20 weeks. The lessons will be broadcast twice a week in the early evenings (Mauritania time).

15 lesson course of legal English – Intermediate level

New 15 lesson course of legal English for intermediate level English speakers will begin on Saturday 2nd February 11:00 am and at the same time for the next 14 weeks. Participants will than have the chance to join a live 3 day workshop of Legal writing and Contract drafting in Algeria from 3rd to 5th June 2019.

Summer School programme in Europe

Legal Summer School programme in Europe now open to lawyers from Mauritania – Special introductory discounts to lawyers from Mauritania applying through the Nouakchott office.

You can find details of our Legal Summer School programme at this page on the website:

We are offering a 10% discount on the price for lawyers who apply through the office in Noukachott.