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Legal English is not to be confused with traditional English language for the two are very different. A person can be highly competent and even fluent in the language and yet have no knowledge whatsoever of Legal English; a specific “language” used by legal professionals in the course of their work which is especially relevant when it comes to writing and drafting documents.

Attending a Legal English course has many more benefits for the professional than a straightforward English Language course as only Legal English courses can teach students the technical legal terms and the words and phrases that are unique to law. Confusingly, there are many English words that have a completely different meaning to their traditional meaning when used in the context of law.

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For example, a lawyer taught on a traditional English Language course rather than a Legal English course would find it impossible to understand the word “consideration” when it is used within a contract. This is obviously a significant disadvantage and will render the lawyer no more useful to the client than a layperson.

Legal English courses are therefore essential for any legal professional who works or wishes to work in an area of law where skills in International Legal English are required. Legal English skills are invaluable to a professional working within an international firm, particularly one with offices within the European Union. Participation in a Legal English Course is truly the best way for a professional to ensure they are up to date and highly competent in Legal English.

A Legal English course that is taught online with British barristers is an easy and flexible way for legal professionals to gain the valuable skill of Legal English. British barristers are obvious experts in legal terminology and anyone learning Legal English with them can be safe in the knowledge that they are learning from the best. There is the added advantage that learning online is much less stressful as it can be done at the individual’s preferred pace and in the comfort of their home. Any person who takes one of these courses can be confident that they will walk away with a high knowledge and understanding of English for lawyers.

Alternatively, we can develop an individual Legal English Course particularly for your needs. Please email us or call us on +44 20 8 144 7077 at for more details.