Our new partnership with the UNITAR

Our new partnership with the UNITAR

The British Legal Centre is delighted to announce an innovative new partnership with the UNITAR.

Our organisations will partner each other to provide a wide range of legal, financial, and environmental courses covering all aspects of legal and financial matters which will result from climate change and environmental adaptation.

UNITAR is dedicated to supplying quality educational and training resources and strives to reach an ever-increasing number of diverse audiences. To assist our students we have jointly created a system to introduce both organizations’ audiences to opportunities to advance their skills, networks, and careers, at their own pace.

Today we are glad to present 3 UNITAR Environmental Law Courses:

  • Techniques and Procedures in International Environmental Law – The course explores different mechanisms in international environmental law to create and implement sound environmental norms; from regulatory and economic instruments, to Environmental Impact Assessments and public participation in environmental decisions.
  • International Environmental Law - This course covers the basics of International Environmental Law (IEL), its sources and fundamental principles, the law-making process, its main actors. Multilateral Environmental Agreements implementation and compliance procedures are covered in full.
  • Human Rights, Environmental Protection and Climate Change - This course covers the basic principles and concepts of human rights with emphasis on the sustainable development goals and targets relevant to environmental protection, and the relationship between human rights and the environment.

For more information, please contact us: info@british-legal-centre.com