Dr. Philippe P. Moutot

Dr. Philippe P. Moutot


Senior Economist and principal advisor on monetary policy strategy for central banks. Created and led team to study, propose and negotiate monetary policy for the European Central Bank.  Principal negotiator of the Maastricht Treaty sections that initiated and implemented the process for creation of the Euro and the European Central Bank. Matches deep research to knowledge and forecasting of current outlook and to direct experience of policy-making.  Recent concentration on the consequences of the current technological revolution to identify new policies and assess major risks.


Fluent in French and English. Able to read and understand German and Spanish.


Professional Experience

Dec 2012-AUG 2017   PRINCIPAL ADVISOR, Directorate General Economics, European Central Bank

  • Advises P. Praet, Member of the Executive Board, concerning Monetary Policy, Financial Stability, International and Research issues and all European issues of relevance to monetary policy.
  • Supports the Directorate General Economics as part of three-member senior management team.
  • Developed and leads a Research Project on the role of cash constraints for the interpretation of monetary/credit aggregates and risk premia in the context of Monetary Policy. Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal: “Accounting, Economics and Law: A Convivium”.
  • Represents the ECB in international OECD EPC & BIS regional meetings as well as meetings of Chief Economists on Monetary Policy.
  • Represents the ECB in discussions with banks, hedge funds, chief financial officers, and national economic committees.

Mar 2005-Dec  2012    Director, Monetary Policy, Deputy Director general, economics

European central bank

  • Analyzed and assessed both the appropriateness of the monetary policy stance and strategy; prepared monetary policy decisions; analysed and monitored the Euro area’s financial systems
  • Oversaw the work of the Fiscal Policy Division and served as a member of the ECB’s Liquidity Committee.
  • Alternate ECB member of the EU Economic and Financial Committee and Eurogroup Working Group (EWG).
  • Represented ECB at both OECD Economic Policy Committee and Economic Developments Review Committee meetings. Oversaw technical discussions in the context of International Monetary Fund’s yearly Article 4 review missions to the Euro Area.

july 1998 – Feb 2005   deputy director general, economics - European central bank

  • Prepared monetary policy decisions and monitored, analysed, studied and forecast Euro area’s monetary, economic, financial and fiscal developments and policies.
  • Chairman of the Eurosystem’s (ECB+Euro Area national central banks) Working Group on Forecasting and ECB representative in the Eurosystem’s Monetary Policy Committee: in charge of developing, negotiating, and publishing the quarterly Eurosystem’s projections.
  • Shared the leadership of 200-member staff and developed, then supported the structure, rules of functioning, and overall consistency of the organization.

1994 – June 1998        Head of Division for stage three - European Monetary institute

  • Researched and supported negotiation and implementation of a process for all issues connected to the functioning of the future European System of Central Banks, including changeover to the euro, the monetary policy, the operational framework, the ECB modelling and strategic options, and ERM 2 and financial stability issues.

1992 – 1994                 Deputy Director, Foreign Relations, Banque de France


  • Led analysis of issues relating to the European Monetary Union, the International Monetary System, the French Franc Zone, and international debt rescheduling; provided technical assistance to former Sowjet countries and fostered bilateral relations with foreign central banks.
  • Represented the Banque de France in BIS meetings, including the Gold and Foreign Exchange Committee, and the Foreign Exchange Policy Subcommittee since 1990.  

1990 - 1992                 Head of the Studies Unit of the Foreign Exchange Division,
Banque de France

  • Directed theoretical and applied studies, and research on foreign exchange policy, ERM issues and economic developments in EMS, G10 countries, and EMU, including negotiation of ECB statutes. Participation in daily meetings on foreign exchange markets.
  • Studied and advocated the need to integrate payment systems and centralise banking supervision in view of EMU
  • Provided technical assistance to countries in transition (Lithuania, Moldova, Russia) on central banking and foreign exchange policies

1986 - 1989                 Economist in the exchange and trade relations department (etr), international monetary fund

  • Managed and negotiated issues related to the balance of payments, debt, debt rescheduling, and exchange rates for the IMF’s missions to Senegal, Burundi, Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Angola, and Panama

1980 - 1984                  Economist, Balance of Payments Division, Banque de France

1979 - 1980                  Economist,  - Centre d’Etudes et de Prospective Internationales  Center for International Studies and Outlook (CEPI)



1984- 1991                  University of Chicago, Economics Department

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Money Theory


1984 - 1985                 University of Chicago, Economics Department

  • Master of Arts (M.A.), Money Theory

1978 - 1980                 Universite de paris-I, University of Paris-1

  • Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies

1975 - 1978                  Institut d’etudes politiques de paris (iep)

  • Diplôme de l’Institut d’Etudes Politiques

1974 - 1977                  Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees (ENPC)

  • Diplôme d’Ingénieur Civil des Ponts et Chaussées

1972 – 1974                Lycee Louis le Grand, Paris, Mathematiques Superieure et Speciale

  • Baccalauréat A (Literature),

1969-1972                   Lycee J. J. Rousseau, Sarcelles

  • Baccalauréat C (Maths)


teaching activities


2014 - 2015                       Lecturer at Institut des Relations Internationales et Stratégiques (IRIS) on: « ‘The Euro in the Making : Lessons and Ways Ahead”

1993 - 1994                       Lecturer in Economics at Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA), Paris .

1982 - 1984                       Lecturer in International Economics at  Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC).

1980 - 1984                      Assistant Professor in Economics at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (ENPC).


list of publications


  • « France-Allemagne : Cultures Monétaires et Budgétaires » edited by Soléne Hazouard, René Lasserre, and Henrik Uterwedde, in chapter III in Roundtable on « Quel rôle doit jouer la BCE aux yeux des responsables politiques français et allemands et quelle est sa politique actuelle ? » Travaux et documents du CIRAC, CIRAC 2015.
  • “La refondation du système monétaire et financier international, edited by Regis Chemain, chapter on « La crise et le cadre des politiques économiques et monétaires » ,Cahiers internationaux nº25, Editions Pedone 2011.
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  • “Hacia dónde va la política monetaria? Opciones para las economías emergentes”, Chapter on“The conduct of Monetary Policy in the Euro Area”, December 2008, Flar
  • «  Les banques centrales doivent-elles être indépendantes ? » Editions Prométhée, with Edwin Le Heron, 2008
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  • “The European Single Market”, edited by H.M. Scobie, Chapter on “What might explain the September 1992 speculative attacks on the French Franc?” Chapman and Hall, London 1994




  • “Modelling bond markets and their instabilities”, with Curato, I. and Guberovic, R., accepted for presentation at SASE Conference on June 24 2016 in Berkeley. To be submitted to Journal of Finance.
  • “What is the major risk for central bankers today?”, accepted for presentation at Royal Economic Society Conference on 22 March 2016 in Brighton and at SASE Conference on June 24 2016 in San Francisco.
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  • “Systemic Risk and Financial Development in a Monetary Model without Banks”, presented to SASE conference on 12-13 July 2014 in Chicago, to be submitted to Econometrica after publication of paper on “Modelling bond markets and their instabilities”.
  • “Macroeconomics and Systemic Risk: Must Central Bankers Go Back to their Future?”, Journal of Banks and Banking Systems, October 2014; businessperspectives.org/journals_free/bbs/2014/BBS_en_2014_03_Moutot.pdf
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ACADEMIC References

  • Robert E. Lucas, University of Chicago, Chicago – USA
  • Lars P. Hansen, University of Chicago, Chicago – USA
  • Michel Aglietta, Paris, France.