Richard Brady British Legal Centre

Richard Brady

Richard Brady

Nationality: British

D o B: 1951

Education: College of Law, London 1971 and 1973 Solicitor’s

Qualifying Exams: 

Chartered Institute of Insurance, UK,1997

Financial Planning Certificates - Levels 1, 2 and 3, + Advanced Financial Planning Certificate

Cambridge College of Teachers 2004 Celta Teacher’s Certificate (Teaching English as aForeign language)

General Director: British Legal Centre

Richard Brady’s initial career was as a lawyer qualifying in 1976 and then spending 8 years as a police prosecutor in Southern England before leaving to develop his own law practice in London. In 1997 Richard re-qualified as a specialist in Finance and Insurance following his experience of running a client’s medical expenses insurance company in the Middle East. He then spent the next 7 years working in the City of London working in banking and finance.

In 2005 he decided to leave the City of London and, after quickly qualifying as a teacher of English, began to travel around the world. He started to teach legal English and law in Eastern Europe to practicing lawyers whom he had met through his law practice. Richard became aware of the opportunities for training and communication offered by new technology and since 2008 he has been the head of the British Legal Centre.

Since 2005 Richard has specialized in teaching professional skills to lawyers and other executives, in many law, and audit companies in Europe and Asia, including Ernst & Young, Price Warehouse Cooper’s, Shoenherr’s, Norr Steifenhoffer Lutz, Deloitte and Touche, Baker McKenzie, and Shalakany Law Office, as well as conducting training at legal departments of many commercial corporations in Europe and Asia. The British Legal Centre has built up a strong company presence in Brazil and Egypt and is also a partner of the Deloitte Academy of the Caucuses in Central Asia. Currently BLC courses are being integrated into the Law Degree courses of several leading Universities in the Middle and Near East.