Legal Vocabulary Test

Legal Vocabulary Test

This is a test intended to check your basic commercial legal knowledge and vocabulary as well as your grammar. It should take about 30 - 35 minutes to complete. There are around 70 questions. All the questions are multiple choice questions – You have to select the one correct answer to each question. Try to spend less than one minute on any answer.

At the end of the test your score will immediately be notified to you.

The test can be used to see if your English is strong enough for you to begin studying on one of our Legal English courses.  Because Legal English (Legalese) is different from ordinary English, using words and phrases from Latin and Norman-French, plus unusual grammatical constructions and vocabulary, we usually suggest that only participants scoring 40%, or above, on this test are ready to comfortably move on to one of the Legal English and practical law courses which we run.

We are always happy to discuss this however and if you have any questions about your score or your English language ability then please e mail us at and we will respond within 24 hours to your enquiry.

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