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Anglo/US Banking Law and Lending Procedures


The Anglo/US Banking Law and lending procedures course is 2 day training session for lawyers and senior banking staff involved in international banking and lending transactions. It deals with Western banking law and procedures and provide participants with the vocabulary needed to deal with Western banking activities. The trainer is a practicing lawyer, and qualified financial adviser, with the UK Chartered Institute of Insurance, who worked in the City of London.



Participants will gain an understanding of:

  1. Procedures relating to secured lending, including loan agreements the important terms and conditions and types of acceptable security such as mortgages, floating charges and including quasi-security (set off, retention of title).
  2. Matters to consider when Acting for a bank or lending institution including amended loan offer – taking fresh security, “all sums due mortgages”, future advances, consent of guarantors, prior charges, fraudulent preferences, estoppel and acquiescence, how best to protect the Bank.
  3. Security reviews - Types and purpose of a security review, documents to be reviewed (loan agreements and security documents.
  4. Vocabulary of banking practices and instruments, e.g. Crystallisation, set-off, derivatives, acid test.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Understand the technical words and phrases of banking practice
  • Avoid basic errors in letters and contracts which cause confusion later
  • Understand the importance and characteristics of good security for lending
  • Be able to conduct reviews of security and loan agreements with confidence Use clear specific words and phrases to communicate with others



  • Legal directors and corporate counsel;
  • Practicing lawyers;
  • Legal practitioners advising Banks and Financial Institutions;
  • Business Development Managers;
  • Back Office Bank Staff.

The training will help delegates improve knowledge and understanding of Western banking practices, procedures and documentation including the law relating to banking in Anglo Saxon jurisdictions.



Richard Brady qualified British lawyer and legal english language teacher.Our team of Seminar presenters and speakers for the Banking law and lending procedures seminar are all highly qualified lawyers who are also teachers and trainers of legal English and other legal skills. They all have extensive international teaching experience which is strengthened by their own years in legal practice: A Certificate of Achievement will be issued at the end of the seminar.




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