Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

MEET THE TEAM of British legal Centre – Ireland!


Rosalyn Sheehy

is Director of BLC Ireland, the Irish office of the British Legal Centre.

Rosalyn is a qualified Solicitor (UK & Ireland), CELTA certified, self-confessed grammar fascist with a wealth of legal experience in international magic circle law firms and in teaching advanced English to professionals worldwide. Rosalyn teaches with a no-nonsense  fresh approach, giving insightful comments on all the necessary skills involved in the mastery of Legal English.

Sarita Saikkonen


Sarita is a talented legal trainer and linguist, a graduate from the University of law, London. A versatile TEFL certified trainer who speaks several languages. Sarita has in-house legal experience from law firms in London, Mumbai, Dubai and Qatar with expertise in commercial contract drafting. 


Tel: +353 85 2716883


Tel: +353 85 2716883


News, Featured Courses and Events

Legal English Skills and Legal Writing in Dublin and Kerry – 2 centre course

Legal English Skills and Legal Writing – 5 day Immersion (15 - 19 July) or (5-9 August) or 15 hours Online. Designed for newly qualified lawyers and law students. Typically, course participants need to develop their speaking and writing skills to help them communicate complex legal ideas and concepts to partners, clients and colleagues in a variety of formal and less formal situations including meetings, negotiations, and networking events. You will be taught how to strike a balance between legalese and plain English. On completion of your Legal English course you may wish to continue with a TOLES Intensive 5 day Immersion or 15 hours on-line exam preparatory course. Through scrutiny of past papers you will receive expert advice and coaching on how to achieve that illustrious pass mark.

Arbitration training in Dublin and Kerry – 2-centre training course

Arbitration – 5 day Immersion (29 July - 2 August) or 15 hours online Our Arbitration Law and Practice course teaches you the essential elements of the Law of Arbitration, together with the legal English terms and phrases needed to conduct legal work in this expanding legal area. Speaking and writing skills are also covered in depth to prepare participants for real-life arbitration proceedings. It is therefore, suitable both for lawyers and law students who are new to the topic, as well as for these more experienced professionals who seek to reinforce their legal knowledge and improve their legal English skills. Simulated arbitration hearings are part of the course and all participants will have the chance to practice their public speaking, arguing and persuasion skills in these sessions. All At the end of the course you will know and understand how arbitration procedure works and how to perform your role in arbitration proceedings.

Commercial contract drafting

Commercial contract drafting skills - 5 day immersion (22 – 26 July) or (12 – 16 August) or 15 hours on-line. Learn the nuances of Commercial Contract Drafting and how best to reflect your clients instructions.

Practice drafting bullet-proof contracts. Analyse contracts, affidavits and other legal documents. Draft impact fall contract clauses such as: liquidated damages, retention of title, warranties, covenants, indemnities, guarantees, force majeure and boilerplate, draft an NDA, SAAS contracts,SLA Agreements and the future impact of block chain technology and smart contracts.

'Rock the Law!' - Course for teens and law students - Immersion Course (26 -30 August) or 15 hours Online

Attention wannabe hot-shot lawyers, do you want a fun-filled five-day introduction to law with a chance to be a real Entertainment lawyer for a Rockstar client! Here's your diary!

ROCK THE LAW! Day 1 - interview your Rockstar Client. Manager breaches Recording contract, Draft a New, Bullet-Proof contract.

ROCK THE LAW! Day 2 - Rockstar gets blackmailed by a dancer - Draft a Gagging oder.

ROCK THE LAW! Day 3 - Rockstar sued by local residents at concert venue - Introduction to Tort law – Nuisance

ROCK THE LAW! Day 4 - Rockstar's sole copied by rival – negotiate and draft exclusive Copyright Agreement

ROCK THE LAW! Day 5 Rockstar punches paparazzo - Represent him in Court. Bail him out of Kilmainham Jail! CELEBRATE at the Guinness Factory!