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Whether you are a professional lawyer, or a law student, sooner or later you will face the need to boost your professional growth and development.

The British Legal Centre offers many courses for practicing lawyers, and law students, to improve their legal skills, legal English ability and knowledge of Company, Commercial, and Contract law with practicing British lawyers and lawyer linguists.

The British Legal Centre delivers practical Legal English courses through live training at our centres in different Countries and on-line lessons broadcast to participants around the world.

Legal English courses online

The modern technology we use allows us to connect students around the world with our professional British teachers in online virtual school-rooms to learn Legal English. Every course participant receives sufficient training to enable participants to operate professionally in any legal sphere requiring legal English ability.

We help lawyers who want to achieve professional excellence by providing them with the necessary tools and skills to function efficiently and to become successful international lawyers.

Legal English with professional British lawyers

Most of our legal trainers are practicing British barristers, or Solicitors. This gives our training a huge advantage over other providers. Our teachers have a deep understanding of our students’ professional needs and requirements and maintain the highest level of legal ethics and teaching standards. We understand that small details, such as legal etiquette, are as important as knowledge of the law and legal language. We also understand that our students need these for their professional development and growth, and we provide both to ensure their career development.

The British Legal Centre also provides helpful resources and law articles: comments on new laws and acts, best practice guides for young lawyers, speaking in public, writing successful CV's, letter writing skills, and legal document drafting. You can also attend online free Legal English lessons.

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What Our Students Say

"I draft a lot of HCP sponsorship agreements, sponsorship letters, event sponsorships, CDA’s and some MSA’s. The course has helped me understand the correct way to use legal language and identify the importance to keep things simple. The course was easy to follow, and the examples really helped me to remember key points. It was also very useful that each session was not too long. The quiz after each session was also helpful to retain information and good preparation for the exit test. Now I am planning to do the Contract law one next."

Jenny Cohen, Switzerland, 19th June 2024, Contract and Legal Document Drafting Course

"The course is outstanding and every lesson with Richard is of such a high calibre, brings me fresh perspectives and insights after leaving law school for decades."

Winnie Lui, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Hong Kong, 2nd April 2024, Contract and Legal Document Drafting Course

"I’ve learned a lot about not only law but different perspectives and occurrences that are happening worldwide. This has certainly been one of the best courses I’ve undertaken. The value I have received from it cannot be understated."

Jonathan Gonzalez, Trinidad and Tobago, 27th March 2024, Company and Corporate Law Course

"Kindly note that this course was extremely valuable to my development, exceptionally present and the content is also of a very high standard. I must say that my money was well spent and I enjoyed every minute of each recording. You are doing a wonderful job imparting your knowledge to others via this service and I urge you to continue your work and only success moving forward."

Christine Berkeley, Trinidad and Tobago, 12th February 2024, Contract and Legal Document Drafting Course

"I took me more than a year to complete Legal Writing course. At the beginning it was quite difficult for my level of English, but then the progress started, and in the end I fell in love with this course. It was difficult for me but thorough, and it helped me improve my English a lot. Thanks again."

Yevheniia Filippova, Ukraine, 17th January 2024, Legal Writing Course

"The Contract and Legal Document Drafting Course was short and sweet, strictly to the point. I never lost my attention. I am drafting non-standard contractual clauses, so, the course helped me to improve my writing skills. In addition, some of the lessons were explained in detail about the contractual clauses, which helped me to negotiate with the customer. Thanks for this well-prepared course!"

Ece Spyridon, Czech Republic, 21st December 2023, Contract and Legal Document Drafting Course

"The course indeed is very helpful. It is a good choice for those who wish to enhance their practical skills by refreshing academic knowledge. Although the course is pretty brief, it is quite informative, deals with core ideas and highlights a lot of specific nuances which you might not be aware of. Highly recommended!"

Bohdan Skrypachov, Ukraine, 29th November 2023, Contract Law Course

"The trainer was very competent and had wide knowledge of the subject matter. The case law examples and how they were resolved by the courts was interesting. Each individual 20~30-minute lecture was of appropriate duration and on a well-defined topic. As a contract manager, but with a business rather than a legal background, I often found that my knowledge of contract law was somewhat lacking, so it was good to have this course, which covered exactly the amount and scope of knowledge I was looking for."

Valentin Kim, Korea, 18th October 2023, Contract Law Course

"The course is essential to working as in-house counsel. I especially enjoyed lessons about Boilerplate clauses, Warranty, Representations, Indemnities, NDA, SAAS, Force majeure, and Termination. I normally draft contracts and negotiate their terms with my counterparts. Sometimes, I needed to review contracts which are drafted under common law concepts (i.e. governing law is English law) and I was not familiar with basic terms and concepts. Now, I am more capable of understanding contracts and what I need to say and focus on. The video lessons of the course and test system worked perfectly."

Mary Badar, Mongolia, 31st August 2023, Contract and Legal Document Drafting Course

"I would like to express my gratitude to Richard for the opportunity to improve my professional level in the Legal English course. This course is a good opportunity for foreign lawyers to adapt to the British legal environment, learn the correct legal structures, and expand vocabulary. The course is practical and will really help you work with modern legal documents."

Mariana Buhaienko, Ukraine, 11th July 2023, Legal English Course

"Legal English Course from British Legal Centre is first of all very practical. Starting from the first lessons you can apply your new knowledge at work. Improving and expanding my legal English knowledge is a vital part of professional growth for me and this course helps me a lot on this path."

Viktoriia Smyrnova, Ukraine, 6th July 2023, Legal English Course

"It's the best course and experience I've ever had! I am very grateful to Richard Brady for course of Legal English for lawyers. The course provide a lot of useful information, beginning from introduction to Common Law and continue to the main features of other fields of Law. I couldn't even imagine how useful and informative as well practice it could be for me. Now I can use my knowledges while I'm working with people. Such important information was taught to us in such a simple way, so non-native speakers could understand all. I can't thank you enough for this course. Thanks a lot Mr Brady!!!"

Iryna Lutsyshyn, Ukraine, 4th July 2023, Legal English Course

"Thank you very much for the Legal English course for Ukrainian lawyers. It is a great opportunity to improve my language skills, to extend my professional vocabulary and just to know more about common law system. It will be certainly useful in my activities. Please accept my deep appreciation for your job!"

Oksana Krasnikova, Ukraine, 3rd July 2023, Legal English Course

"I have succesfully completed my Legal English Course today. It was an interesting learning journey, which I would like to thank you very much for. "

Adrian Heß, Germany, 26th May 2023, Legal English course

"Dear Richard, it has been a pleasure to be your student in the Legal English course. The course was very useful, and I've learned a lot from you. Personally, enjoyed it when you shared your valuable knowledge and real-life experience beside the course structure. So again, thank you for being such a great teacher, and I look forward to our next course. "

Merve Gün, Germany, 30th March 2023, Legal English course

"Dear Richard, It was a pleasure meeting you. The Legal English Course was very useful, I learnt a lot and got a lot of tips how to improve my language. I enjoyed every single lesson as the atmosphere was pleasant and I felt very comfortable. I can definitely recommend this course and I already booked the next one."

Janina Grabowski, Germany, 21st March 2023, Legal English course

"I have attended the legal writing training course and found it to be both comprehensive and extremely relevant to my role as a tax consultant. The trainer, Richard, explained the topics in a way that was easily understood and he was able to tailor the training to my specific learning needs. As a result of completing the training, I believe that my reports are more succinct and impactful - which was my goal for participating in the training. Thank you, Richard!"

Christine Schwarzl, Singapore, 29th March 2023, Legal Writing Course

"Wow. It is very interesting and I took notes of important rules that I could refer to, to improve the templates and documents we usually draft for our business. I've also completed all the exercises, some of which were very challenging. Thank you very much for this course. The lessons were very well explained and clear, to be easily understood."

Raffaella Sotunde, Italy, 18th November 2022, Contract and Legal Document Drafting Course

"Well prepared course. I noticed an instant enhancement to my legal writing. Richard Brady was excellent, eager to deliver the information and aware of the student's learning pace. I'm glad I took the course and I would recommend it to university students and entry level employees."

Refaa Altheyabi, Saudi Arabia, 8th August 2022, Contract and Legal Document Drafting Course

"Dear Richard, thank you very much for helping me to improve my English in the field of law. I have completed the Legal writing and Contract Drafting courses. Both courses helped me a lot to express myself more precisely and naturally and help me daily in my job. I highly recommend the recorded lessons. They are very well structured and perfect for independent learning."

Arne Hildebrandt, Germany, May 2022

"Dear Richard, You've been an incredible instructor with amazing skills and incredible patience, I sincerely appreciate every minute spent with you. On reflection, I believe I didn't just learn writing skills from you. You showed me the mentality of being a lawyer in practice and the way of looking at scenarios holistically. No one in law school ever taught me any of these. Other lawyers had been guarding their "trade secrets" with their lives fearing that sharing will cost them a kidney or so. Learning from you opened an adjacent door I didn't know existed. It's been incredibly beneficial to me, and for this, I owe you my most genuine gratitude. I have the best comments to share with the potential audience and from the bottom of my heart, I hope they would take the chance to engage and learn from you."

Veronika Xiao, Canada, 22nd Dec. 2021, Legal Writing course

"Thank you so much indeed. The course was excellent. It was so beneficial that I learned many things to improve my report writing and presentation skills especially. Thanks again"

Nihal Ananda Perera, UAE, 3rd May 2021, Legal Writing course

"Dear Mr. Brady, Thank you very much for sending the Certificate and for sharing your knowledge with everyone, the course was very helpful and I am already putting into practice everything I have learned."

Jennifer Robles, Costa Rica, 8th December 2021, Legal English course

"Although I work with contracts on a daily basis, after taking the course I feel that I've started looking at the documents through a different lens. The architecture of the course and each individual lesson is very clear and easy to follow. I appreciate the effort of the course designer to structure all key concepts for each subject in a way that it is conveyed as one whole picture. I also appreciate that the lessons included explanations on the "little" details, which even experienced professionals sometimes overuse/misuse, maybe without even knowing it. In summary, the course provides a well-structured basis for writing legal documents. But, of course, it is up to each individual to continue doing further research and to practice writing to acquire the best result from the course."

Olga Sadaeva, China, 24th July 2021, Contract and Legal Document Drafting Course

"Dear Richard, I would like to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to study this course using your awesome platform. I really appreciate your teaching method and the way you’ve been able to explain things to the audience. In a word, you are just awesome and I am so blessed. "

Anik Hasan Siddiquee, Bangladesh, 1st May 2021, Contract and Legal Document Drafting Course

"Dear Richard, Thank you very much for a great and interesting course. It was a pleasure to study!"

Nikita Grechina, Ukraine, 9th February 2021, Company and Corporate law course

"Dear Mr. Richard, I would like to thank you for being my teacher for the Legal English Course. Your excellent teaching skills and courteous personality has helped me a lot and without your helpfulness and directness, the course would have been more challenging. I appreciate you being always very kind, patient, helpful and truly care about your profession and your students. I like that you refer to your personal work -related situations as examples when teaching a lesson along with a regular course outline. I have learned so much from you and I look forward to learning more. Thank you for being a remarkable teacher and I am very grateful to you for being my teacher!"

Zienab Brnawi, United Arab Emirates, 1st February 2021, Legal English Course

"I would like take this opportunity to say that this course is very full of information and there are a lot of tips for lawyers. It’s very useful."

Viviana Perri, Italy, 26th January 2021, Legal English Course

"Dear Richard, thank you for this course. It has helped me greatly! I have recently started a legal consultancy (BD Legal Services) and this has given me a lot of knowledge, confidence and skill to be able to draft contracts and legal documents! Thank you again."

Benedicte Dosunmu, United Kingdom, 19th January 2021, Contract and Legal Document Drafting Course

"I want to extend my gratitude to the British Legal Centre and you Richard personally, for all your insights and support along the course (Contract and Legal Document Drafting). I am very grateful as this course has surpassed my expectations and provided me with an in-depth understanding and knowledge regarding contracts and legal drafting, which was exactly what I was looking for. This course has been outstanding, as well as you as a teacher. By the same token, I will also be very happy to provide you any reviews regarding the course with my whole-hearted recommendation."

Clara Sánchez López, Spain, 29th November 2020

"A substantial percentage of our work in Art Project Management is administrative, in particular contracts, agreements, NDAs, MoUs… Most of the time we manage this documentation in consultation with our experts from specific departments such as Legal, Acquisitions or Procurement, but we are required to understand the fundamentals of Contract Law. A few months ago we attended a training course with Richard Brady from British Legal Centre . The course was a complete overview of Contract Law, from the basics of the contractual language (plain English is always the best way to go) to detailed clauses such as Confidentiality terms (very important in our field). I keep the contents of this course as a valuable consultancy resource. Totally recommended for those in a similar situation."

Ignacio Zamora, Project Management, Qatar Museums, 26th November 2020

"Thank you for the legal writing course. It was amazing and full of information."

Mashael Al-Moharib, Saudi Arabia, 8th November 2020

"Thank you for the Legal English course that has been really useful! I'm sure, this course is not the last one. I will improve my knowledge together with British Legal Centre with big pleasure!"

Valeiya Popova, Russian Federation, 27th October 2020

"Thank you, Richard. It was a pleasure meeting you and I enjoyed all your lessons. They were very useful, of course I have to improve but this experience was a great opportunity for me to learn and practice. "

Adrián Hernández Murillo, Costa Rica, 05th Sept. 2020

"It has been a pleasure and an honor been one of your thousands students. I’m very glad with the course. Thank you for all your knowledge lesson after lesson. I certainly learned more than I imagined I would. My best wishes to you Mr. Richard, Andrey."

Andrey Ulate Marchena, Costa Rica, 09th Aug. 2020

"Dear Richard, I want to say a huge thank you and I really enjoyed the Contract drafting course. I want to compliment you on your clear and informative style of teaching and world wide examples."

Charlotte, Doha, 5th July 2020

"Actually, I would like to express my gratitude for all the information and material available in the course. I have learned a large number of interesting tips on contract drafting and I feel much more comfortable on expressing my ideas clearly and efficiently. I could understand more about the common law basis on contract drafting. This has been useful for a better understanding of comparative law and it has been allowing me to find equivalent legal terms or clauses for contract translation (english-portuguese-italian). Thank you!"

Bernardo Gehlen, Brazil, 1st July 2020

"Thanks so much to Richard Brady for the excellent comprehensive course on Company and Corporate Law. The lessons present the information in a very clear manner. After this course it will be much easier to study other common law courses."

Oksana Pirogova, Russian Federation, 29th June 2020

"I can recommend British Legal Centre to all legal translators and lawyers wishing to deepen their legal English (contract law, intellectual property law, arbitration and conversion with a view to becoming a Solicitor). A big thank you to Richard Brady, Director, Lawyer and Trainer for this excellent training!"

Jane Kochanski, France, 30st May 2020

"The Legal Writing course offered me a lot of knowledge and assisted me to understand the many mistakes in my writing (especially legal writing). I will keep practicing, in order to increase my legal writing skills, something that will benefit me in my career. Further, you stressed during the course, the importance of clear drafting and writing. Contractual construction and interpretation could be limited or avoided when the parties express clearly their intentions and agree on the terms in the contract. Less ambiguity results in less Litigation that will expose the parties to costs/ expenses/ risks, and bitter feelings. Thank you for sharing the knowledge."

Prokopios Krikris, Greece, 18th May 2020

"Let me begin by thanking British Legal Centre for providing the course 'Contract and Legal Document Drafting' which is truly beneficial. The course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills required to draft contracts and general legal drafting in an extremely clear and precise manner. I really enjoyed taking part in the course because of the fact that its flexible, intriguing, informative, and I gained valuable insights into legal and contract drafting. Thank you Mr Brady. "

Mr Mifraz, lawyer in Male', Maldives, 12th May 2020

"Dear Mr. Brady, I have just watched the first recorded lesson of the Free General Legal English Course. Later today I will watch the other ones. I would also like to attend your next live lesson on 21st April (code Lesson GLEC-1.5). I am an Italian-English translator and I specialise in legal English. I have to say that the lesson was very informative, easy to follow and extremely well explained – a pleasure to listen! Probably one of the most interesting courses I have attended/watched. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us in such a pleasant and entertaining way."

Ylenia Marcucci Faure, Italy, 18th April 2020

"Hello, Mr. Brady! My Legal English course is going well and I am enjoying it very much. I deal with the problems of understanding the English but I`m feeling very happy with the course. and let me tell you that you are very good teacher,and I love way you explain the lesson, so, thank you very much, Remain being at home it is safe to prevent corona virus, goodbye!"

Custodio Da Costa Nobre, Mozambique, April 2020

"Hello! My name is Olena and I’m from Ukraine. I am a master graduate of international law and currently working as a Junior Associate in one of Ukraine's big law firms. “When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” - this is what Paulo Coelho wrote in his book, The Alchemist. I believe that this is true. I’ve studied English since first grade and now I have an advanced level. But ever since I started working as a lawyer, I wanted to learn more legal English. Just a few days ago I said it out loud, while talking with my friend. Then, I woke up this morning and saw an ad of your online course in Facebook. So, perhaps, the universe itself has conspired in helping me achieve my wishes :)"

Olena Shumalo, Ukraine, 4th April 2020

"The feedback that I can give about the pre-recorded Contract and Legal Document Drafting Course is that it was great, it was what I was looking for. I had a lot of insights and I loved the English way of writing contracts that you've taught: Plain English, parallelism, active voice, short sentences, avoid nominalisation, etc. As a Latin speaker, Portuguese and Italian tend to be redundant and use long sentences. Finally, congratulations for all the hard work you put in this course!"

Vanelle Stabilito Mesquita, Brazil, 29th January 2020

"I would like to express my gratitude for the course – I think that I could find everything in the course that I would need to pay attention to when creating a contract. I am lucky that I managed to take a Contract drafting course with you. Before the course, I could not even imagine that I would be able to draft an agreement in a foreign language – it is a huge step forward. Thank you! "

Marina Pisareva, Russia, 14th January 2020

"It was my pleasure to join your class and your Legal English course has been very useful. I will follow you via LinkedIn in order to be updated about your initiatives/courses. I thank you again for your kindness, your time and your availability and I hope to be part, during this new year, of another team always "driven" by you in discovering the peculiarities of English law and language."

Ylenia Martarello, Italy, 7th January 2020

"First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for this valuable experience and knowledge that I have earned through your online course. Being a law graduate from Lebanon, kindly note that I have completed my bachelor’s degree in Lebanese and French law. Taking into consideration that I am willing to pursue my master’s studies in London, the Legal English course provided by Mr. Richard Brady, contributed to expanding my knowledge in common law and clarified the Anglo-Saxon System. Moreover, the course helped in enhancing my legal writing and contract drafting skills and contributed as well to developing my legal vocabulary. When I took this course I wasn’t sure if an online course would be beneficial to me but due to your professionalism, it was an interesting experience that challenged me to improve my English language."

Mira Chedid, Lebanon, 25th November 2019

"Excellent! I had a great, truly beneficial experience. I recommend Legal English courses even to native speakers! I've learnt here how to write better, more persuasively, using "tips & tricks" that no other school would teach! Thank you Mr. Brady."

Ana Maria Ranete, Lawyer in Bucharest, Romania

"You are great teachers! I found the Contract Law Course extremely interesting. The home-tasks put me in front of real legal issues and I have been very stimulated trying to settle them."

Claudia Borghini, Singapore, July 2019

"I have taken some formal legal studies in the past few years but I am not fully confident with my writing skills. As such, I was searching for a suitable writing course for over a year but most writing courses in Australia are fairly short (one or two day courses) and costly. I enrolled in the Legal Writing Course with the British Legal Centre in January 2019. It took me close to two months outside of my work to complete it. The 60 sessions are comprehensive, I've learnt so much from how to choose and use precise words, understanding the power of persuasive writing and drafting good legal letters and the like. Also, Richard is an amazing legal English teacher. He speaks clear and slow so non-native lawyers or law students should not have a problem understanding the sessions. I strongly recommend this course to law students, support staff who work in the legal industry and new lawyers and conveyancers. "

Venus Chow, Australia, March 2019

"Let me begin by thanking you for the Contract and Legal Document Drafting course. It was extremely clear and useful, especially for a "civil law" user, given that our remedies are slightly different. What I appreciated the most were the lectures re representations, warranties, indemnities. I have already recommended my colleagues to also join this course."

Alessandro Chiarenza, Malta. Jan 2018