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Need to improve your Legal English? Want to build a successful law career? 

Then you are in the right place! Learn Legal English - boost your career.

Whether you are a professional lawyer, or a law student, sooner or later you will face the need to boost your professional growth and development.

The British Legal Centre offers many courses for practicing lawyers, and law students, to improve their legal skills, legal English ability and knowledge of Company, Commercial, and Contract law with practicing British lawyers and lawyer linguists.

The British Legal Centre delivers practical Legal English courses through live training at our centres in different Countries and on-line lessons broadcast to participants around the world.

Legal English courses online

The modern technology we use allows us to connect students around the world with our professional British teachers in online virtual school-rooms to learn Legal English. Every course participant receives sufficient training to enable participants to operate professionally in any legal sphere requiring legal English ability.

We help lawyers who want to achieve professional excellence by providing them with the necessary tools and skills to function efficiently and to become successful international lawyers.

Legal English with professional British lawyers

Most of our legal trainers are practicing British barristers, or Solicitors. This gives our training a huge advantage over other providers. Our teachers have a deep understanding of our students’ professional needs and requirements and maintain the highest level of legal ethics and teaching standards. We understand that small details, such as legal etiquette, are as important as knowledge of the law and legal language. We also understand that our students need these for their professional development and growth, and we provide both to ensure their career development.

The British Legal Center also provides helpful resources and law articles: comments on new laws and acts, best practice guides for young lawyers, speaking in public, writing successful CV's, letter writing skills, and legal document drafting. You can also attend online free Legal English lessons.

What Our Students Say

"Excellent! I had a great, truly beneficial experience. I recommend Legal English courses even to native speakers! I've learnt here how to write better, more persuasively, using "tips & tricks" that no other school would teach! Thank you Mr. Brady."

Ana Maria Ranete, lawyer in Bucharest, Romania

"I write to thank you for the excellent training program/workshop you conducted for us a few weeks ago in Cairo on 'Contract Drafting'. I have now had an opportunity to review the evaluation forms in detail and they all confirm the very positive feedback we got verbally. The grading across the board was between '4' and '5', i.e. very good and excellent. Participants used words such as 'lively and well structured', ' very beneficial', and 'perfect refreshment on basic legal information'. We look forward to more programmes in Cairo."

Dr Shalakany, Senior and Managing Partner Shalakany Law Office, Cairo

"Let me begin by thanking you for the Contract and Legal Document Drafting course. It was extremely clear and useful, especially for a "civil law" user, given that our remedies are slightly different. What I appreciated the most were the lectures re representations, warranties, indemnities. I have already recommended my colleagues to also join this course."

Alessandro Chiarenza, Malta. Jan 2018