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Distance Learning makes use of new technology to connect our students with their instructors using the most advanced multi-screen video conferencing technology presently available anywhere in the world.

By carefully tailoring course design, instructional techniques, methods of communication, organization and administration we are able to train lawyers worldwide even though the instructor and learner are separated by time and/or distance.

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Why Distant Learning of Legal English and Law?

Distance Learning allows people to access courses and studies that are not available in the place where they live or at the times they are free to study. Today a good working knowledge of Legal English together with a strong base of basic Western Law skills is essential for all International lawyers. A lawyer’s legal knowledge may be excellent but, unfortunately, the initial impression they will create upon others when speaking or writing in English will be governed by how correct and precise their legal English actually is. This is very unfair but it is how people react to the incorrect use of English You may be the best lawyer in the whole country but, if you don’t speak or write in perfect English, people’s perception will be that you will not be able to undertake a legal task which requires a knowledge of the English language.

Distance Learning allows lawyers and law students to develop their Legal English ability and also increase their practical law knowledge, no matter where they are in the world. The online courses come to them, rather than them having to travel to the classroom. This allows lawyers to study without having to leave their offices or take time away from work.

Why choose British Legal Center?

British Legal Centre is alone in its conception of what a online distance learning provider should offer and deliver. We are unique in terms of advanced technology, courses and trainers/teachers.

We use the most advanced split-screen video-conferencing technology in the world, to gather groups of individuals in different cities into specialist groups for study.

Our courses can be specially tailored to cover the most intricate and technical areas of law and practice which our students need to learn. All courses are written and taught by working lawyers specializing in the areas of law and practice which they are teaching or training. All our teachers are working British Barristers, Solisiters or lawyer-linguists working in the areas of Company and Commercial Law and, as busy lawyers themselves, they know the type of problems and questions which other working lawyers face on a daily basis from their clients and are able to advise on practical solutions which they have used in the past.

Our residential Spring, Summer and Autumn Schools are based on the same principle of bringing leading British Barristers to teach/train the students who cannot, for a variety of reasons, attend courses in the U K.

We have over 100 specialist Lawyers available to teach our courses.

Our courses offer you the opportunity to continually improve your legal knowledge and vocabulary and command of Legal English. Our teachers/trainers can help turn you into a true international lawyer with an in depth international knowledge of the area of law you wish to practice in.