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Let us develop your potential by giving you the legal knowledge and skills you need.

We can test, advise, develop and deliver a course exactly tailored to cover the areas of law and skills that you wish to acquire, or wish your staff to acquire.

We can give you with new legal skills that you did not have before the course.

The British Legal Centre uses a network of literally 100’s of barristers in the U K, working in different specializations and fields of law, to develop, write, and deliver its courses.

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 This gives us the ability to write new courses on different and specialized topics of law and practice as and when our clients request us to. We are able to tailor courses to cover highly specialized and technical areas of law as well as to include large elements of practical applications of the law, such as drafting specialized agreements for Oil or Gas Leases, Chartering a Ship, Commercial leases for Shopping Malls, etc. We also understand what professional skills are required by successful lawyers and write courses tailored to train the participants in the skills they wish to develop or strengthen.

We continually seek feedback from clients, potential clients and other lawyers in general, as to what type of courses would be interesting to them, including the level of practical expertise they want writen into the courses, as well as the optimum length of the courses to best suit their needs. The simplest way of explaining how we decide which courses to offer, is to say that we act like a law company. We give advice and take a client’s instructions as to what the client wants to receive from a course and what they want the course to do for them. We develop courses on any topic of Company or Commercial Law, to the degree of specialization and practical ability our client’s request. We are also able to develop courses covering a wide range of other legal areas. 

As the courses are written by working lawyers specializing in the area of the law the course covers. We are able to include as much practical knowledge and instruction as the client requires. Usually it is the lawyer who writes the course that also delivers it and, through the dialogue with the client before and during the creation of the course, we become clearly aware of the client’s wishes and needs.

 We give advice as to what we consider to be the achievable outcomes of the courses we are asked to develop and we work with the clients to ensure that we achieve their targets for knowledge acquisition. 

Because we are uniquely based upon a training staff of working lawyers in practice, we know that mere knowledge of the Law is not enough to be a successful Lawyer in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. For this reason we also provide training and coaching in a range of essential professional skills that lawyer’s need in order to provide a full service to their clients. We have courses covering topics such as, public speaking skills, court-room advocacy, case preparation and presentation, ethics. From our work and association with the Lord Slynn of Hadley European Law Foundation we are able to develop and deliver Judicial training and support courses using internationally renowned Judicial figures from the U K.

The way it works is that through a dialogue with our clients we are able to identify what level of ability they wish to reach in a particular area of law and practice. We can then assess the skills gap between where they are now and where they wish to reach. This usually requires testing and assessment of the participants. We can then develop a course to cover all the issues identified to bridge the skills gap and take the client to the level of skill, ability and legal knowledge which they wish to function at. 

Successful tailor made courses require the full involvement and participation of all those involved in the development, preparation and delivery of the course, from those deciding what skills and knowledge are needed, through the course writers to the teacher and the students. This is a co-operative undertaking and it requires full participation by everyone involved in the process to achieve truly successful outcomes

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