Legal English Online – Summer schools

Our Residential Spring, Summer and Autumn Schools

Our residential schools are based on the principle of bringing practising British lawyers to train the lawyer/participants. These schools run in the UK, Ireland and also in other countries outside the EU. The courses cover a range of different professional legal skills as well as general Legal English.

We are particularly pleased to run the Summer School courses in association with our business English partners in Ireland, Language Link, at their premises in Limerick in the beautiful West of Ireland. The relaxed Visa regime in Ireland means that there is no problem for our students in obtaining reasonably priced visas very easilly.

There are many lawyers who cannot, attend courses away from their home Countries. By flying our trainers to the participant’s Countries there is no need for our students to worry about visas, flights, long periods away from home.

There are a variety of seminars and courses at each residential school. These can be as short as one week, or can last up to 4 weeks, depending upon the participants' needs. We can also provide individual tailored courses, depending upon what topics are of interest, the depth of knowledge requested, the numbers of attendees and the amount of time they have to study. This allows us to structure courses for the participant’s requirements, rather than making participants fit in with our schedule and course content.

We arrange a variety of excursions for the participants and their families so that partners and children do not feel neglected.

For more information please contact us via email or phone +44 20 8 144 6440.