Legal Due Diligence workshop - Next workshop –Dubai 19th December

Legal Due Diligence


The Legal Due Diligence workshop is for practicing lawyers and deals with all aspects of the legal preparation for mergers and Acquisitions.

Participants will gain knowledge and understanding of the essential areas to be covered when carrying out due diligence: both from the Acquiring and the Target company.

The seminar includes essential areas of information which must be obtained or disclosed as well as dealing with the most efficient methods of dealing with these disclosures. Remedies, safeguards, protection of the client for both sides in the transaction, will be included to cover all due diligence aspects of M & A including cross-border transactions.

The seminar actively involves the participants in exercises and discussions, to ensure they gain a solid working understanding of the principles and practices of thorough due diligence projects, protecting their clients and achieving the aims of the transaction.

The seminar will be delivered by an experienced lawyer/linguist used to the multicultural, international flavour of modern business. The practical methods of dealing with due diligence will be covered and practiced in exercises during numerous breakout sessions.



The course will help delegates improve their due diligence skills and their understanding of what is required from them when carrying out this type of activity.

Program includes:

  • The basics of Due Diligence
  • Planning ahead to structure the work
  • The matters to be covered by the Due Diligence
  • Due Diligence from the Acquirer’s side
  • Due Diligence from the Target’s side
  • Remedies and solutions for non-disclosure or uncertainty
  • Using warranties, guarantees, indemnities, undertakings, covenants, representations and Conditions
  • Damages, liquidated damages and penalty clauses
  • Penalties and remedies for breach and infringement after the deal
  • Clauses excluding liability

Participants will learn how to:

  • Recognise the essential areas of information needed to be covered
  • Avoid basic errors which invalidate contracts or cause confusion later
  • Understand the importance and characteristics of thorough due diligence
  • Be able to comment effectively and sensibly on other lawyers’ requests and replies
  • Approach the due diligence exercise with increased confidence
  • Use clear specific words and phrases to set out requirements
  • Write clearer, fuller, more structured due diligence reports
  • Network and interact with speakers and attendees to share experiences and learn about opportunities



  • Legal directors and corporate counsel;
  • Practicing lawyers;
  • Legal practitioners advising international trading companies;
  • Business Development Managers
  • Business people involved in international trade.



Richard Brady qualified British lawyer and legal english language teacher.

Our team of Seminar presenters and speakers for the Banking law and lending procedures seminar are all highly qualified lawyers who are also teachers and trainers of legal English and other legal skills. They all have extensive international teaching experience which is strengthened by their own years in legal practice:

A Certificate of Achievement will be issued at the end of the seminar.




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