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Legal writing workshop


Our Legal writing workshops are run over two half-days and are training sessions for practicing lawyers to improve their skills of writing legal English and general correspondence. The training assists them to write clear, concise contracts and letters.
The speakers are all practicing British lawyers who are also lawyer/linguists, used to the multicultural, international flavour of modern business.

Participants will be trained in the essential skills of writing concisely and clearly in plain English. This includes drafting clear contracts, letters, reports, legal arguments and other documents.

There will be numerous breakout sessions, for the participants to work through the material in the presentations in teams led by the trainer. The workshop encourages input from the participants to discuss the difficulties and issues they face in their writing to ensure they gain a solid working understanding of the principles and basics of writing clearly, concisely and accurately.

Programs includes:

  • The basics of good writing
  • Rules of general correspondence
  • Using plain English
  • Planning letters and documents
  • Brevity, concision and accuracy
  • Negotiating and recording deals
  • Structuring contracts for ease of understanding
  • Checklists, proofreading and style of documents



The training will enable participates to improve both their drafting and their legal writing skills . It will enable them to draft documents more effectively and write more persuasively. Our team of speakers for our legal writing seminars are all highly qualified lawyers who are also teachers and trainers of legal English and other legal skills. They all have extensive international teaching experience which is strengthened by their own years in legal practice: The training improves general writing skills and approach to drafting typical commercial letters, e-mails, reports and documents.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary words and phrases
  • Avoid basic errors in letters and contracts which cause confusion later
  • Understand the importance and characteristics of clear writing
  • Be able to draft well structured, practical, clear and concise documents
  • Approach drafting with increased confidence
  • Use clear specific words and phrases to communicate with others
  • Network and interact with speakers and attendees to share experiences and learn about opportunities.



  • Legal directors and corporate counsel;
  • Practicing lawyers;
  • Lawyers advising international trading companies;
  • Business Development Managers
  • Paralegal staff involved in international law or with international clients.



Richard Brady