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Courses by area of Law

Oil and Gas Law and legal vocabulary

The Oil and gas Law and legal vocabulary course involves the law of 14 essential areas of Oil and gas law needed to work in this important legal area.


Intellectual Property English

The course covers the essential law and key legal English terminology in brief online extracts of law, reading, listening, and speaking.


Company and Corporate Law

Company and Corporate Law, meaning and use of the essential Legal English words and phrases needed by lawyers working in the field of company/corporate law and other business structures.


Arbitration Law and Practice Course

At the end of the course you will know and understand how arbitration procedure works and how to perform your role in arbitration proceedings.


QLTS Exam Preparation Course

The QLTS Exam Preparation Course equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the UK Law Society’s transfer scheme exams as a short-cut to qualify as a UK Solicitor.


Contract Law Course

The Contract Law course covers the law of Anglo/US contracts and the vocabulary needed by lawyers working in this area of law. The course uses video-conference technology to deliver brief online speaking, reading and listening exercises and tasks.