QLTS Exam Preparation Course

QLTS Exam Preparation Course


QLTS - The Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme helps you become a Solicitor of England and Wales if you are already a qualified lawyer in another Country. The UK legal profession is open to international lawyers seeking to qualify as UK Solicitors and it does not impose restrictions to admission on grounds of nationality or residence.

QLTS provides a route for lawyers from other recognised jurisdictions. Contact us to find out if you are in a recognised jurisdiction and are eligible. Your home jurisdiction must be recognised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and you must be a qualified lawyer.

We know that busy lawyers have their job/clients to take care of. That’s why all our course content is focused and straight to the point, but covers everything you need to know to test and pass QLTS. British legal centre courses let you to study in your preferred environment, at your own pace, and at the most suitable and convenient time for you – whether at home or office, in the UK or elsewhere.

Our materials are suitable for candidates from different backgrounds and varying levels of legal knowledge and experience in English law. You may be qualified in a common law, or civil law jurisdiction, have little or extensive legal experience, English may be your first or second language, and you may be working full-time or part-time – whatever your circumstances are, you can be sure of expert support, quality training and the flexibility to tailor your training requirements so that you can prepare for and succeed at passing the QLTS assessments on your own terms. We will be happy to give you free advice if you contact us on our Internationa Skype number: +44 208 144 6440



Innovative testing and learning technologies combined with years of experience training international lawyers make QLTS Exam Preparation courses from the British legal centre the best option when you decide to advance your career by becoming a solicitor in England & Wales. We understand and value the trust that is placed in us to help candidates through this critical point in their lives. British legal centre has been using advanced technology to assist lawyers around the world to improve their legal skills and professional abilities for over 10 years.


You may be entitled to exemptions from some of the QLTS exams. Please write to us at: https://www.british-legal-centre.com/contact-us to obtain a free consultation with our chief trainer who can advise you on the QLTS programme and requirements. We also provide a paid consultancy service to contact the SLA, on your behalf, to discover if you can claim any exemptions from any of the QLTS exams. We encourage candidates to speak with a British legal centre team member prior to enrolment so we can ensure that you understand how to establish your eligibility and that you are able to study for and sit the QLTS examination.

Course includes

  • Flexible, comprehensive and cost-effective course programmes for the OSCE elements of the QLTS assessment
  • Our recommendations for textbooks to cover all the subject areas required by the SRA
  • Summaries of the key areas of each subject
  • Extensive online resources and an advanced online training system
  • Practical exercises, and personal training
  • Expert tutors on the Legal Practice Course (LPC), experienced in teaching international candidates for the QLTS OSCE assessments
  • Special arrangements and unique programmes for international candidates based outside the UK
  • Personalised consultations and step-by-step study plans available for both the MCT and OSCE to help you stay focused on the aims you set from the moment you begin preparation


The QLTS Exam consists of two stages:

  • QLTS MCT – Multiple Choice Test in July and January each year.
  • QLTS OSCE – Objective Structured Clinical Examination.

Candidates must first pass the QLTS MCT before proceeding to the QLTS OSCE.

THE QLTS MCT EXAM is a multiple-choice test, which consists of 180 multiple-choice questions. The assessment is divided into 2 sessions of 2 hours 45 minutes each, with 90 questions in each session.

Kaplan QLTS is the sole authorised exam assessment provider. They are not authorised to provide QLTS preparation courses. The Solicitors Regulation Authority is the governing body that determines the outcomes which candidates must demonstrate on the exam. 

The outcomes/subjects are:

  • A1 Knowledge of the jurisdiction, authority and procedures of the legal institutions and professions that initiate, develop, interpret and apply the law of England and Wales and the European Union.
  • A2 Knowledge of applicable constitutional law and judicial review processes.
  • A3 Knowledge of the rules of professional conduct, including the SRA Accounts Rules
  • A4 Knowledge of the regulatory and fiscal frameworks within which business, legal and financial services transactions are conducted
  • A5 Understanding of Contract law
  • A6 Understanding of Torts
  • A7 Understanding of criminal law
  • A8 Understanding of property law
  • A9 Understanding of Equitable rights and obligations
  • A10 Understanding of Human Rights
  • A11 Understanding of the laws applicable to business structures and the concept of legal personality


After passing the QLTS MCT, you will then be eligible to apply and sit for the QLTS OSCE.

The objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) assesses the skills of client interviewing, completion of attendance note/case analysis, advocacy/oral presentation (OSCE part 1), legal drafting, legal research and legal writing (OSCE part 2) in the contexts of business, civil and criminal litigation and property and probate, meaning that students will undertake 18 assessments over six half-day exams.

Outcome C. Transactional and dispute resolution skills

  • C1 Ability to establish business structures and transfer businesses
  • C2 Ability to seek resolution of civil and criminal matters
  • C3 Ability to establish and transfer proprietary rights and interests
  • C4 Ability to obtain a grant of probate and administer an estate
  • C5 Ability to draft legal documentation to facilitate the above transactions and matters
  • C6 Ability to plan and progress transactions and matters expeditiously and with propriety

Outcome D. Legal, professional and client relationship knowledge skills

  • D1 Knowledge of the legal services market
  • D2 Knowledge of commercial factors affecting legal practice
  • D3 Ability to undertake factual and legal research using paper and electronic media
  • D4 Knowledge to use technology to store, retrieve and analyse information
  • D5 Knowledge to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, with clients, colleagues and other professionals
  • D6 Ability to advocate a case on behalf of a client
  • D7 Ability to exercise solicitors’ rights of audience
  • D8 Ability to recognise clients’ financial, commercial and personal priorities and constraints
  • D9 Ability to exercise effective client relationship management skills

Outcome E. Professional values, behaviours, attitudes and ethics

  • F1 Knowledge of the values and principles upon which the rules of professional conduct have been developed
  • F2 Ability to behave professionally and with integrity
  • F3 Ability to identify issues of culture, disability and diversity
  • F4 Ability to respond appropriately and effectively to the above issues in dealings with clients, colleagues and others from a range of social, economic and ethnic backgrounds
  • F5 Ability to recognise and resolve ethical dilemmas


Individually tailored online course

  • lessons by U.K. solicitors with an opportunity to practice your QLTS OSCE exam techniques and learn how to tackle questions in a supported environment.
  • Time and study expectations tailored to fit your work schedule and ability
  • Recommended for candidates desiring structure and regular face-to-face contact
  • Course Directors available at mutually convenient time to provide study guidance; Fortnightly communication from mentors and availability throughout the programme
  • Real part-time option, with greater flexibility designed for working professionals. 
  • Recommended for candidates who need more flexible study options 

Personal Study Plan

  • Tailored consultancy on the possibility of exemptions from some heads of the exam – we can even make the application for the exemption for you!
  • The Best Law Tutors and Lectures
  • Practice Sessions for OSCE Questions.

QLTS Prep by British legal centre employs an integrated “Tailored Legal Learning” system to expedite the learning process, increase retention and heighten comprehension. This system is presented to you via your online Individual Study Plan (ISP).

For online home study courses, your ISP delivers the right combination of substance and skills in a flexible schedule. Video lectures, outlines, practice questions build over time to create a highly effective QLTS Prep experience preparing you for the eleven outcomes examined on the OSCE exam.

Course prices

Course type Live lessons with a lawyer Homework Duration of the course Course price


Live one-to-one classes
10 private lessons/60 min following each class Number of lessons varies from client to client - depending upon existing skill level

650 USD per 10 lessons