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Legal Writing Courses

Cambridge University Legal English Certificate (ILEC)

The full course contains 60 hours of video conference lessons plus 50 hours of home study tasks and a further 25 hours of tasks involving international legal research.


Persuasive writing for lawyers

Persuasive writing for lawyers is an advanced course of legal writing arming participants with an ability which most lawyers do not possess: The ability to persuade.


Contract and Legal Document Drafting Course

The “Contract and Legal Document Writing Course” presents practical key English contract drafting techniques, law and terminology in both live, and recorded, online video-conference lessons. There is a choice between the recorded version of the course with inter-active exercises, or the live broadcast version with written home-tasks with individual feedback from the trainer.


Legal Writing Course

The Legal Writing Course is an interactive, online course, teaching the essential skills of drafting clear, precise letters, documents, reports and contracts.