Law & Economics of the EU

Law & Economics of the EU


This course covers all the legal, technical, and historical information needed to do business with citizens and Companies in the European Union. The modules cover the growth, expansion and changing nature of the European Union from its early days as ‘The Common Market’ to the present-day European Union, one of the world’s largest trading blocks. All relevant legal and regulatory issues required to do business are covered, together with new changes brought about by ‘Brexit”. Monetary policy is covered in detail and the participants will have the opportunity to ask the trainers questions about present and future regulations and policy.

Duration of the course - live broadcasts (one-to-one or group version of the course):
8 lessons (modules), every lesson 45 minutes plus 30 minutes Q&A.

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Course includes

  • Practical advice and legal overview on doing business with the EU
  • EU contract template documents
  • Business/Political language of the EU
  • Course certificate upon completion
  • Discount on the price of attendance at Summer Schools
  • The opportunity to ask technical legal and financing questions
  • The course includes explanations of essential legal, political and financial terms needed to work with companies, organisations and citizens of the EU.

Course contents

Module 1: Introduction to the EU. Its members and how it works

Basic intro to the EU. What is it, who’s in it and why you should know about it.

Module 2: Brief history of the EU: How it developed from the 1950’s to today

The History of the EU. We examine the evolution of the treaties that created and coordinated the Executive, Legislative, Judicial, Trade and Banking institutions and what’s on the horizon.

Module 3: History of EU Economic Integration

EU Economic Integration and the factors that explain its history. A retrospect of the financial crisis and the way ahead.

Module 4: The relationship between EU integration and EU growth

Establishing banking supervision and mitigating systemic risk with an eye towards what’s next.

Module 5: EU Economic policy in the future

Future of the EU and the Euro Area and the impact of migration.

Module 6: The deep technical revolution and its consequences

How Monetary Policy can meet the needs of the future.

Module 7: The EU in turbulent times

Brexit, Covid, Climate and the EU economy’s tough road ahead.

Module 8 : Monetary Policy challenges in the time of Covid

Focus on Monetary Policy, Supervision and the independence of Central Banks, now, more than ever.

The course covers the legal, political, and financial vocabulary relating to the practical aspects of doing business in the European Unon.

Live broadcasts (one-to-one or group version of the course): 8 lessons (modules), every lesson 45 minutes plus 30 minutes Q&A.10

Template agreements and essential regulations.

Course prices

Course type Video lessons with a lawyer Question & Answer Start of a new course Course price


Live broadcasts lessons (modules): one-to-one
8 lessons (modules)/ 45 min each 30 min after each class To be confirmed individually

$ 5,000.00


Live broadcasts lessons (modules): for a group
8 lessons (modules)/ 45 min each 30 min after each class Thursday 29th May, 2024
at 3:00 PM
(UK time)

$ 1,600.00