Cambridge University Legal English Certificate (ILEC) Course

Cambridge University Legal English Certificate (ILEC)


This course prepares its students for work as lawyers in commercial law offices where English is the working language. The full on-line course contains 60 hours of lessons plus 50 hours of home study tasks and a further 25 hours of tasks involving international legal research to cement the participant’s ability to practice International law. The lessons explain and increase knowledge and ability to use legal English words and phrases correctly, by requiring the participants to read, watch, listen and speak. The course also uses the textbook and CD's - International Legal English published by Cambridge University Press. 

The course teaches legal English vocabulary and basic Commercial Law and also develops the professional skills the participants will need to work as a lawyer in a professional law office. 

The Summer Schools are held at various times during the year, in the UK, Ireland, Turkey, Egypt and Dubai. There are between 35 - 60 hours of lessons spread over either 1 or 2 weeks, terminating on the day before the ILEC Exam. We can assist with accomodation for visitors to the UK and Ireland. The trainers are all qualified UK lawyers who also hold teaching qualifications.

Course includes

  1. Genuine legal documents
  2. Video-conferencing lessons and CDs containing hundreds of exercises of reading, writing and listening. 
  3. Real case studies so you can practice the law and vocabulary learnt
  4. Full ILEC exam preparation with sample tasks, exam advice and a sample ILEC exam from Cambridge

Company Law -   The law and vocabulary relating to the formation, capitalization and management of companies, changes in company structure, the issuing and transfer of shares, M &A.

Contract Law - The many types of commercial contracts covering making contracts, remedies, assignment and third-party rights 

Employment Law -   Western employer-employee relationships  - including dismissal, tribunals, unions, discrimination

Sale of Goods - The law and vocabulary relating to sales and purchase of products and services, including Fitness for purpose, warranties, exclusion clauses, proper title.

Real Property - Models of sale, purchase, transfer and mortgage of land, including equitable rights and rights over land generally.

Intellectual Property - The Law of copyright, patents and trademarks and the vocabulary used in this area of law

Negotiable Instruments - Cheques, negotiable instruments, bearer bonds and other forms of paper documents which can be used instead of cash.

Secured Transactions - covering the ways in which payment for commercial or other debts can be secured and protected by charges and documentation giving rights over the possessions of the borrower/debtor.

Debtor-Creditor Law - The law and vocabulary of the protection of creditors and enforcement of payment of the debt by the debtor.

Competition Law - EU, UK and US aspects of anti-competition law, such as predatory pricing, abuse of dominant market position plus the essential vocabulary for this area of law.
There will be a Final Examination to test the participant’s knowledge of law and use of the vocabulary taught during the course.

Course terminology

The course includes over 500 of the most commonly used legal English words and phrases which lawyers need to know in order to practice commercial law successfully.

Course duration

The full course contains 60 hours of video conference lessons using our advanced video conferencing facility allowing you to see and speak with other members of the group and the instructor. You will also have to complete another 50 hours of home study tasks in your own time and a further 25 hours of tasks carrying out International legal research to cement your ability to practice International law.

Materials for students

Coursebook - International Legal English, published by Cambridge University Press, plus 2 C D's and an exam practice C D
Participants will also have access to the Course archive library to view past lessons and exercises to review progress and revise past topics.

Course prices

Course type Video lessons with a lawyer Homework Video lessons one-to-one with a lawyer Course price


Live one-to-one classes
60 private lessons/60 min Twice/week following each class Yes, 60 private lessons/60 minutes each

$ 1,500


Live Broadcasts+Homework+ Conversation
60 lessons/60 min Twice/week following each class No, group lessons

$ 720


Pre-recorded webinars
60 lessons/60 min Add-on option for US$ __ No

$ 500

Separate lesson

Pre-recorded lessons
60 lessons/60 min Add-on option for US$ __ No

$ 200 each

Free trial lesson

Pre-recorded lessons
1 lesson/60 min No No